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You Can Count On Me

Monday, May 16, 2011

Today concludes Diabetes Blog Week 2011. 

(Unless, like me, Blogger messed you up so you still have 2 posts to do...)

Today's topic is to write about what you have learned. 
Last year, Wendy of Candy Hearts made a suggestion for this year.  She commented “I think Day 7 should be a post about stuff we've learned from other blogs or the experience of coming together online...”  Today, let’s do just that!!  What have you learned from other blogs - either this week or since finding the D-OC?  What has your experience of blogging the DBlog Week topics with other participants been like?  What has finding the D-OC done for you?  If you'd like, you can even look ahead and tell us what you think the future holds!

What have I learned?

I've learned that there are other people out there like me and like my family.

I've learned that no matter what time it is, I can find someone to....
- make me laugh
- offer advice
- lend an ear
- lend a shoulder to cry
- talk it out
- sympathize
- lift me up
- offer encouragement
- give me a swift kick (if needed)
- give me HOPE

I've learned that it's possible to have best, closest friends that you've never met in person!

I've learned that doctors don't know it all.... and the best advice can come from others living this life.

I've learned that it will always get better. And worse. And better again.

I've learned that I CAN DO THIS.

I've learned that she's going to be just fine.

I've learned that it's ok to cry, to have a bad day, to get angry, to get frustrated...

I've learned how to embrace each day with FAITH.  HOPE.  and LOVE.

I've learned that I'm not alone.

And neither are you....

So I made a little video for you.

Listen to the words... and know that You Can Count On Me...

Whether you know me or not...
Whether you blog or not...
Whether you participated in D Blog Week or not...
Whether YOU have D or your child or spouse or friend...
Whether you are in a good place with D or not so much...
Whether it's morning, noon or night...
Whether you've been doing this for years or weeks or days...

I don't have all the answers.  But I'll be there any way I can... Just like the DOC has been there for me.

This is for you...

PS - If I left you out, I'm REALLY SORRY!!!!  I tried to get everyone but the computer kept eating some...  Forgive me!



  1. You have been busy!!!
    Great job!!

  2. Wow, you guys and your videos are amazing! :)

  3. I can not imagine how many mama hours you put into that little video nugget of love! It was wonderful!

  4. That was amazing! So much fun to watch all of the 'new' friends roll by! :)

  5. That must have taken you forever to put together Hallie! What a wonderful video. Thank you.

  6. Dangit Reyna you stole my words!
    i'll say them anyway... "that must have taken you forever!"
    seriously, thanks, that was super sweet.

  7. Thanks for ALL the TIME you put into this! Thank you!

  8. What an amazing video Hallie - you are all just set on making me cry today, aren't you?? ;) I loved seeing all of the banners and blog titles flashing across my screen - such a great representation of our awesome D-OC Family!!! Thank you!

  9. awww, that was so nice...loved the video!!

  10. XO Hallie! What a great video!

  11. Tears! Bitter-sweet to see all those blog titles and banners flash across on the video. Thanks so much for putting that together...I know that was A LOT of work! And it IS awesome to know we've got so many friends here in the DOC :)

  12. Awesome job Hallie! Loved seeing all the D-peeps flash onto my screen.

  13. Amazing video, it is so beautiful. Great Job

  14. Wow... There are A LOT of us! That must have taken forever (forever!) to do. Thank you!

  15. Wow. I feel like I'm back at camp. Smiling through tears! That video was incredible. I am very envious of your technical abilities and hoping I will be half as smart next year at this time. I'm so glad to be a part of this community!

  16. Thank you Hallie for including me with all these amazing DOC bloggers! I am honored :)

  17. Simply wonderful!
    Gee - what a LOT of work and love!

  18. That was amazing!
    Thank you so much for all your time. It was cool to watch all the d-blogs that shared during the D-Blog Week! Now to find time to read all of them - can't wait!

  19. LOVED the video, Hallie! What a great idea!!!

  20. thanks! for letting me know that i'm not alone!

  21. what a sweet surprise!...thank you! it really is amazing...this DOC! xo

  22. That would make a great screen saver to remind us we aren't alone!

  23. That was very cool! It must have taken forever to do. Thanks for the time you put in, it made me smile!


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