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Sweetpea Poetry: Rockin the Wild Card

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Didn't think I was going to make it, did ya?!? Well, I have a whole 17 minutes to spare! I'm eeking this one in at the 11th hour due to a crazy day involving taking a class of kindergarteners to the farm, being covered in sweat and goat spit, a Dex error (failed sensor) while I was not at school, a stomach bug that has been causing Sweets diarrhea since SUNDAY, and TWO site changes. But I made it!

On a funny note, J and I were trying to figure out what in the world is causing all of these issues... everything from "stomach bug" (which makes Sweets think there is a REAL bug somewhere...) to "parasite" to "another auto immune disease" (Please, God, No more...). We were trying to think if it could be diet related. Sweetpea pipes up and says, "Uh... Can we NOT talk about my poopy issues while we're eating?!?" I love that kid!

Day Three of Diabetes Blog Week: Bloopers. Yup, I've got them. Lots. But they are boring. So instead I'm going with the wild card....

I started this little poem/rhyme/take on Madeline the night before Sweetpea's 2nd Diaversary. What is now known as "The Scariest Night of My Life". In fact, I was writing this when it all went down.

So, it's taken on a little different spin... but I finished it.

We LOVE Madeline and it's based on the book, Madeline, by Ludwig Bemelman.

I hope you enjoy it...

In a house in Ohio
far from the sea
Lived a little girl with diabetes.

She had to count the carbs in bread
and test her blood
when she went to bed.

She smiled at the good.
And frowned at the bad.
And sometimes she was very sad.

For 744 days
No matter how much she prayed
diabetes just stayed and stayed

She was not afraid of (finger) sticks
She loved singing and gymnastics
And when a site change she must do
She could sleep right on through

And it was very plain to see
Her parents just adored Sweetpea.

In the middle of the night
Mom and Dad turned on the light
and said, "Something is not right."

Little Sweetpea sat in bed
She cried and cried
Her face was red.

When the meter just read LOW
Her Mama rushed out to the phone
And when she dialed Nine-One-One
"Hurry!" she said. "Please, please come!"

Everybody had to cry.
Not a single eye was dry.

Little Sweets held in my arms
With her blankie, keeping warm
In a car with a red light
They drove out into the night.

When Sweets woke up from her daze
All was well, her bg had raised.

Little Sweets soon ate and drank.
On her bed there was a crank.
Outside there were birds and sky
In the playroom, the day passed by

Later that day she was so glad
To go back home with Mom and Dad.

"Good Night, Sweetpea!
Thank the Lord you are fine.
Now go to sleep,
Sweet child of mine."

And they turned out the light
And closed the door.

And that's all there is
There is no more.



  1. That was great, Hallie. Makes me sad, but you did a great job with it. Those pictures break my heart. :(

  2. I agree. Wonderful poem..but tht and the pics totallly made me cry. Sweets is so lucky to have you!

  3. Well done! So glad your scariest night has a happy ending.

  4. Love it! We're big Madeline fans, too.

    The pictures tell the story, too! That sweet, little face! She doesn't look like her usual self. You can tell she's been through the ringer.

  5. Such a sweet sweet poem! It was hard to read through the tears but I loved it, especially the happy ending!

  6. This is really heartbreaking! The poem is really beautiful and I am glad she is so strong. I also love how hilarious she is!!!! "can we not talk about my poopies..." LOL you couldn't make that up!

  7. Totally awesome!!
    Gotta say I love those sparkly footies she's rocking!! :)

  8. That is great! It made me cry and so did the pictures.

  9. Beautiful Hallie!! We love Madeleine too. My little one looks like her! :)

  10. Oh my gosh! I LOVE the poem!! Great job!

  11. Great job! We LOVE Madeleine too! Poor little Sweetpea looks totally wiped out in that 1st can just tell something "was not right" :(

  12. I LOVE the poem. Madeline is a favorite at our house too.


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