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Good Life

Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's easy to get caught up in the crap that surrounds life with diabetes.

It's easy to get lost in the numbers.  Easy to blame ourselves for things out of our control.  Easy to feel isolated and alone.

It's easy to be jealous of those living lives where weighing their child's food is a totally foreign concept.  Easy to get angry at insensitive comments.  Easy to get overwhelmed at the never endingness of it all.

It's easy to feel hurt.  Sad.  Scared.

It's easy to let lose ourselves in this life.

Some days the tears flow easily.  The pain is close to the surface.

ESPECIALLY if you or your child has been recently diagnosed.

But...  that's not every day.

And I just want to say that THIS IS A GOOD LIFE.

Even with diabetes.  Maybe because of it.

For those of you who are still new to this journey (and even those of you who are not)...  I really want you to know this.  This is STILL a good life.

We all have our days.  Our moments.

I think that's normal.  I think it's healthy.

But diabetes did not ruin my life.  And it didn't ruin my daughter's life.

(Actually, I'll be damned if I let it ruin her life.  Not if I have anything to do with it....)

Living life with type 1 in the mix has changed us, that's for sure.  But it hasn't ruined us.

We laugh.
We love.
We smile.
We joke.
We go fun places.
We do fun things.
We play.
We are active.
We catch fireflies.
We wish on stars.
We swim and soak up the sun.
We enjoy the feel of an autumn breeze.
We pick pumpkins.
We go trick or treating.
We celebrate.
We play in the snow.
We travel.
We dance.
We grow a garden.
We pick flowers.
We snuggle.
We praise.
We are confident.
We are strong.

We do everything that any other "normal" family would do.  There is NOTHING that diabetes has kept us from.

We make it possible. Because it IS possible.  Anything is possible.  Even if you have diabetes.

And if it's possible for us - it's possible for YOU.

No, diabetes didn't ruin our lives.  Nope.  We still have incredible joy.

And just maybe - we experience that joy MORE - because of diabetes.

MAYBE.... it takes experiencing great pain to help you fully experience great joy.

Diabetes can do many things.  But it can not steal our lives.  It can not steal joy.

This is a good, good life.



  1. We LOVE.
    This post.
    Your blog.
    What you bring to our lives.
    Keep writing.
    We LOVE.

  2. Well said, Hallie!! Life is good!! Emma told Mary Claire that she is so glad that Aiden got diabetes so that they could be friends. :) And you know what, (I am not thrilled that he got it, but) I am so thankful for all of the friends that I have made BECAUSE of diabetes too. :) Where would I be without y'all!! I don't even want to think about it!! :) LOVE YA!!!

  3. A good life indeed. I just read Kelly's post though...and I am kind of not liking "D" right now. UGH.

    Great post to lift the DOC's spirits Hals. xo

  4. sweet post. thanks for sharing :)

  5. Thanks for this post! I definitely needed to read this today...not liking "D" too much over here either.

  6. One of my favorite posts. Thanks Hallie!



  8. Hallie...Thank you so much for this amazing post. We are just one month into this. Everything you write is how we feel. Everything you write is a comfort to a heartbroken family. Thank you for writing...thank you for everything!

  9. I agree 100% Hallie. We get one go around in this life. We can choose how we ride it. Life is good.

  10. Great post. Some days are harder than others but we have to remind ourselves daily that we can do this and we will get through it. It helps when others remind us too. Thanks!


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