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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Do you love getting mail?  

Real mail.  Snail mail.  Not the kind that comes through your computer but the kind that is actually delivered to your door!  (Yes, they still do deliver letters.  Not just bills and ads.  I checked.)  I do!  And here's your chance to get something really special!

Lee Ann at The Butter Compartment wants to do something that will "bring a little World Diabetes Day celebration to everyone".  The rules are simple:

1) Send your mailing address to
2) She will send you an address
3) Use the blue circle and as much creativity as you can fit on a piece of 3.5" x 5" card stock.  Complete the mini D meme (below) on the back of the postcard.
4) Mail it to the person whose address she sends you, ideally in time for them to receive it by Nov. 14th.
5) You will get a postcard in the mail from someone else in the world living with diabetes!

The meme:
1) Your name:
2) Where you live:
3) Your connection to diabetes:
4) Type of diabetes:
5) Year of diagnosis:
6) One thing you do to Act On Diabetes:
7) One Word:

She made a FB page to help promote the exchange, and for people to post pictures of the postcards they receive.  Click HERE to check it out!

And you can read more about it on her blog by clicking HERE.

Does this not sound like fun?!?  I think so!
We are going to send our address and get our craft on!  And keep our postal employees in business - and hopefully wondering what all the blue circles are about!!!

Only 33 more days until World Diabetes Day!

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