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No D Day: Fall Is Here

Friday, October 7, 2011

Today is NO D DAY!

This wonderful idea was created by George over at Ninjabetic! It's a day for all of us to talk about something OTHER than D!  Because there's a lot more to us and our families than just THAT.

There is definitely a LOT more to us than D.  But since this is a D blog... I try to have all my posts relate somehow to D.  You know?  This is not my family blog.  It's not a Mommy blog.  It's not a teaching blog.  It's a D blog.

But today is NOT about D... and since it's nice to have the opportunity to talk about something ELSE...

I'm going to share a little bit about US.

Last year I took you on a tour of my house.

This year, I decided to share something VERY exciting with you!

Sweetpea is learning to read!

She is soooo excited about it!

And let's be honest - so am I!

As a Kindergarten teacher who does this for a living... I LOVE teaching kids to read!  I love watching them as they learn new words and put it all together.  I love seeing the light bulb go off in their little brains and gleam in their eyes when they realize that they ARE READING!

Of course, Sweets would not let me teach her anything.

I'm MOM.  I know nothing.

But she has some wonderful teachers...  And so she's learning!

She's finding words everywhere she goes! (I about ran off the road when she screamed in the back seat and then said that she had spied the word "is" in DISNEY on the radio!)  She looks forward to reading her books.  She is SO proud!

Am so am I!

So....  Here's Sweets to read you one of her books!

Is she not the cutest little reader! :)

I'm a proud Mama!
(Did you catch that?  A proud MAMA.  Not a D Mama.  Just a Mama!  I get to be that every now and then!)

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  1. It is so exciting to have your children begin to read...I love that little video of her, simply priceless :)

  2. Its nice to be just mama isn't it?! My phone froze so I have try the vid later :(

  3. AWWWW! Loved this Hals. Tell Sweets to keep up the uber-awesome job reading!

  4. That was the cutest video ever. She has an adorable little voice and you can tell she is so proud!

  5. I KNOW!!!!

    My kindergartener is reading's SO EXCITING!!!!

    She's a sweetie for sure ;)

  6. I have to agree. Watching a child blossom into a reader is so wonderful!

    Sweets is such a cute munchkin. Give her two thumbs up on her fantastic reading!


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