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Spring Cleaning

Thursday, April 11, 2013

I'm doing a little "Spring Cleaning" to the blog and wanted to take a minute to tell you about some new things....

Take a look up there at the pages (tabs).

You will see some new things!

I created tabs to tell you more about the Insulin Pump and CGM that we use.  If you click on the Omnipod tab you will find information on the Omnipod insulin pump and posts I have written about it. The Dexcom tab will tell you about the Dexcom CGM and provide links to posts I have written about the Dexcom.

I also updated the tab called Our Favorite Things.  If you click on it you will find links to products that we love!

And last but not least, I added more videos to our Channel D tab!

I hope to add additional informations as soon as possible!

Thanks for reading!


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