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Heads Will Roll

Thursday, December 30, 2010

I've found that the best way to deal with D is to laugh.  A sense of humor can really help when the going gets tough.

So....  I thought you might enjoy this!

J came home with the chills, aches and a horrid headache the Tuesday before Christmas.  He ended up in the ER.  Then he had a reaction to the pain meds.  Then, in the middle of Christmas with my family, he went to his family doc for some more help.  I had to drive him... and while there I saw this:

Ok, I know it's type 2... but I thought it was funny.  LOOK!  It's a big pancreas book!  No one other than someone living the D life would chuckle at this.  Or maybe it's just me.... I don't know.  It made me laugh.

Could be the fact that since J got sick, I was taking care of Sweetpea 24/7 on my own.  ALL the night checks.  ALL the carb counting.  EVERYTHING.  And she was super duper excited about Christmas.  And to that... all the building of the play kitchen.  The wrapping.  The baking.  All the other Christmas stuff.

I know some of you go it alone all the time.  And to you I say... "WOW".  I don't know how you do it.  Seriously.  I did it for a week.  The week before Christmas, mind you.  But just a week.  And it about killed me.

Sweets has done her part to keep me laughing.  She's at the age where "potty humor" is king.  She had a friend over the other day and was showing her our new kitten.  "Just don't kiss him on the mouth" she said.  "He licks his butt." 

I guess she does have a point.

Then the other day, she was taking a bath in our master bathroom while I was in the shower.  All of a sudden, I realized that she was not in the tub.  Next thing I knew, here comes this naked flash.... running and jumping in the tub.  "Where were you?  What were you doing?" I asked.  "Moooom....  I got water in my butt.  And it itched.  So I itched it.  But then I needed to go wash my hands cuz that is gross."  

O-kay.  Not only was she IN the bathtub, but she passed up TWO perfectly good sinks to go wash her hands in her bathroom... dripping all over the floor between here and there!  Good grief!  I just had to laugh.

This is the special ornament that we got this year.  It plays different songs and quotes from the movie.  

What's that?  It's missing something, you say?

Oh, yes.  That would be THESE:

Sweetpea dropped it.  The DAY WE GOT IT.  Off came the heads.  Every single one.  

J put them in a bag for me to attach.  I walked by the counter and saw it sitting there... headless.... next to a bag of heads... and it made me laugh.

Are you thinking I'm seriously weird now?  Delusional?  In desperate need of sleep?

Maybe.  But hey... LAUGH!  The only other choice is crying... and well, I've done enough of that.  

So when the heads roll.... I giggle!  

And I think of the Christmas of the pancreas book and the rolling heads!

ps- J is FINALLY better!  Praise the Lord!  We missed him!



  1. You are so right, Hallie! If we don't find the laughter in the everday things we would probably be walking around crying all the time :)

    Sweetpea cracks me up, she sounds like she has quite the personality! Glad that J is feeling better.

  2. Hahaha!! I love her! That angelic face and fabulous hair and then those words coming out kill me! The heads are too much and I love how you still displayed them! Thx for the laugh :)

  3. Thanks for the laugh friend! Yes indeed we have to find the laughter in life to stay sane in all we deal with daily.

  4. Totally laughing at the rolling heads! LOL!

  5. I am sorry but you already know what I think the pancreas looks like...and honestly those lobes of the lives look like butt cheeks! Don't you think? OK...I am with you, let's laugh! LOVE YOU HALLIE!

  6. oops...supposed to be lobes of the "liver"!

  7. Ha ha, love the rolling heads thing. The things we laugh at just to stay sane...

  8. Ok- the bathtub thing totally had me cracking up. LOL That is SO something that the sugar kids would do. hehe

  9. You have me rolling. The whole thing - I'm with Reyna . . . the pancreas looks like a big penis and the liver does look like butt cheeks!!!!

    The headless ornament made me laugh out loud. I think I would just leave it that way and laugh about it every year!

    BTW - Potty humor is big here too!! Nate calls Poop ---> Doop and tonight at dinner he was singing a song about CORN DOOP <--- nice! And yes, we were eating corn!!

  10. HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!! Oh we know some potty girls call out look and then yell to the rest of the house what "it" looks far "A SCHOOL BUS" holds the top spot.

    The, uh, panc up the "TYPE 2 PIC". Um...from the like it's ready for some action.


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