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Thanking the Academy

Sunday, December 19, 2010

What a pleasant surprise!  I found out recently that I was nominated for TWO DOC Awards!  WOW!

I'm honored to be nominated!  Heck, I'm honored that people actually read my blog - much less think to nominate me in certain categories!  

The competition is stiff... and it really is an honor just to nominated!

I was nominated for two categories...

Best Writing?   No.

Best Use of Incorporating Music into a Post?    No.

Most likely to make you cry?   No.

Most creative?   Nope.

I was nominated for.....




I had to laugh!  

I'm guessing that it is really SWEETPEA that is up for best hair... but I take that as a compliment because I am her stylist!  Plus I gave her good hair genes.  She gets her ringlets from her Daddy and her thick hair from me.  

I mean.... LOOK at this hair!

I know I'm biased, but I don't know of anyone with better hair!  I wish you could see it in person - the child has beautiful hair!  Long and blond with cascading curls.  It always makes me smile!  And it always makes me think of my Great Aunt Virginia - who really was more my Grandmother than an Aunt.  She was a beautician.  She did my hair forever.  And she always went on and on about my beautiful hair.  She passed away when Sweetpea was almost two.  So she never got to see those beautiful curls.  But I KNOW she would have adored them!

And most in need of comment love?

Hmmm.... I wasn't sure if I should be slightly offended about this or not!  As J said.... It's YOUR FAULT!  LEAVE SOME COMMENTS PEOPLE!  

Just kidding!  I think it's funny!  And like I said.... I'm just surprised and honored that people would even think to nominate me for anything!  So, I'll take it!  I need comment love!  I do LOVE reading your comments!  I see you all lurking out there....  from places I may never had heard of... and places I know quite well.  Just knowing you are reading makes me happy!  Leaving me a comment is just the cherry on top of the sundae!

So.... If you would like to go vote for your favorite bloggers - click HERE!
You will see many names that you recognize, I am sure!  You have until December 31st to vote!

Thank you again!  The love you share through your comments really brightens my world and makes this crazy life with D so much more bearable!



  1. Sweetpea does have beautiful hair, but so does her stylist! I agree with you about comments, it makes living with D MUCH more bearable! Congrats on the noms and good luck!

  2. Her hair is to die for! I wish you couldve seen the boys hair before they wanted/needed it cut. Long dark brown ringlets! Hmmm I feel a post coming on. And comment love!? Dont be offended we all need it! I have made it mission to try and comment on all posts. My fingers hurt lol. Good luck!!

  3. I am with the girls above...Sweatpea's hair is GORGEOUS and her stylist ROCKS. As for the comment love, I am with the girls as well. And like Lexxi, I have never met a D Mama post that I didn't feel the urge, the need to comment on. It makes us all feel supported and loved. Not to mention the information that is divuldged in the comments...sometimes the "comment section" is the MOST informative part of a post.

    You are well deserving of you nods girl friend!!! Love to you and the family!

  4. I have to laugh reading this...I totally thought of YOUR think gorgeous hair when seeing the nominee catagories because YOU are the blogger....then I realized PRINCESSES hair counts too, THERE IS NO CHANCE IN THIS WORLD YOU ARE NOT THE WINNER!!! For princesses hair AND yours!!! You have doubled blessed hair in your house! :) You got my vote :)

    I thought *I* would be nominated for needing the most love because Im whining all the time and tend to be negative alot.....LOL!!! I'd kinda feel offended too!! In a funny way I guess :)

    I admit Halle, I nominated you because you have been through the ringer this year as far as the range of emotions go, AND you pour your heart out with such a
    B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L post so many times! ITS HARD when your kids are as little as Princess with D....its always hard, but when they are so rips my heart out and stomps it to the ground! YOU my friend get my vote for needing the love, I know how hard those emotions are in the first couple years!!!!

  5. Awwww! Thanks girls!
    Kelly- you are so sweet! I didn't think about it that way....I think D rips my heart out and stomps on it at least once a day! Today she asked if she could sleep over at a friends house when she didn't have diabetes anymore. Ugh. Stomp, stomp, stomp. Thanks girl!

  6. I do feel the category about 'needing the most comment love' was a little ..... shall we say ..... awkward?!

    I DO know I both nominated AND voted SweatPea for Best Hair. I can appreciate good hear, and she owns it! I can also appreciate what you do to make Sweatpea's hair the best it can be.

    A daughter with awesome, accessorised hair is L-O-V-E-D and it shows!


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