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Saturday, December 4, 2010

The first snowfall of the year is magical!

It casts is spell on all of us as it blankets our world in white.

We got a few flurries earlier this week... and today.... SNOW!  Big, fat, white flakes falling from the sky all day!

I love being inside with the Christmas tree lit and watching it snow. It's beautiful!

(Once Christmas is over, though, it can warm up.  My love for winter ends on January 1st.  Unfortunately, Ohio weather does not cooperate.)

This morning we woke up to those big, fat, flakes falling outside.  Swirling around and landing on the lawn.  It was cold... freezing!  Highs in the 20's this week.

But that wasn't the only thing in the 20's today.

This is what greeted us on Sweetpea's meter shortly before lunch.



Here's the most disturbing part.

She was fine.  She said she was hungry.  That's it.  J tested and that's what we saw.

Just hungry.  Nothing else.  She was playing.  Chasing the kitten.  Strolling around her dolls.  Nothing abnormal.  

In a way, this is a good thing, I suppose.  I'm GLAD she wasn't passed out or unable to move.


How can you be 26 and not know?  

It happened at school once, too.  She was 36 (which was a previous record for lows) and totally fine.  Playing with the doll house.  Walking down the hall.  Answering questions.  

It makes me wonder....

At what point will she lose consciousness?  Will there be warning or will she just pass out?  What is going on inside that little body that I just can't see?

She came up with no real problem.  A juice box went down.  Her bg went up to 56 15 minutes later.  And kept climbing.  

We went on with our day like nothing had happened.  We kept getting dressed and headed out into that beautiful snow for our JDRF Walk Awards Luncheon. 

But I'm left with a very unsettled feeling.  

WHY can't she feel it?  WHY does she appear to be totally fine?

What's YOUR record low?  Do you have advice for a mom who's a little freaked out?  Any idea what in the world is going on?

Or do we just chalk this up to the fun and exciting world of Type 1 Diabetes?



  1. Welp, our record low is "LO". Yep (under 20). Joe was sledding when he was 3 years old...and he looked FINE. He was running up and down the sled hill without a care in the world.

    I find the cold will drive him extremely low (especially when he was younger). It wasn't uncommon for him to throw a 20 or 30 something my way while sledding and shoveling and playing outside during the cold Vermont winters. I figured it out and eventually tweaked, boosted, and prayed every time we went out (which, as you know because you have read enough about Joe by now to know it was ALL.THE.TIME....). Was SweetPea playing outside a lot today? Maybe she is sensitive to the cold too. Joe would also do a wicked rebound after some of those lows. It was some really trying times...I also figured out last year to boost him with about a 1/2 to a full cup of milk prior to ice skating in the backyard...that helped stave off the lows big time.

    xoxo...I am glad that she didn't seem worse for the wear Hallie.

  2. Geez Hallie, I'm so scared for you!! We saw an LO once, followed on recheck it was 27....same as you obvious symptoms!! ((HUGS)) I still dont know if it was for real or not! I tend to tell myself it wasnt because I dont want to believe it!!!

  3. No playing outside. Just playing around the house. Nothing unusual and not anywhere near the activity that she has on school days. No big rebound. She was 150 something at lunch. She's being a big GROUCH now but... Dexie has said LO before but never the meter... UGH!

  4. Hallie, I can tell you that I've been in the 20s and felt low, but have had other times when I was 75 and felt really, really low. The body's weird like that. I do know that if I am distracted/busy or my body is working overtime (e.g., very cold and trying to stay warm, stomach ache/cramps), I am more likely to not notice a really bad low. Only when I see the reading will it dawn on me how low and scary it is.

  5. Bryce has been 32 a couple times. One time he was happily playing, Dex said he was 120, I tested him so he could have a snack...32! After we treated it, then it hit him that he was LOW.
    D sucks!

  6. so scary!! We saw a 27 once 6 mths into dx and he felt low ive seen him worse ay 57? Each low is different i guess. I know that doesnt help much. So glad shes ok and all ended well. (((hugs))))

  7. We had the horrid experience of a low blood sugar induced seizure a few weeks after starting pumping. The endo believed that he'd been experiencing undetected lows (despite checking him at 9pm, 12 am, 2 am and 5am) this depleted his glucagon stores and thus leaving his body unable to battle the low properly that time - when we were able to check him he was 26, but that was after honey, juice and dang I forget what else. So...there's my worst d moment ever EVER. Which is why we now run Isaac probably too high at night and don't feel guilty about it at all.

  8. I had a 1.0 (18) when walking home from work a couple of months ago. I'm not usually one for feeling symptoms any more, but boy did I feel that one. The world was spinny and I felt really really drunk. I've never ever had a low that bad before!!!!

  9. We've had a 36 once she was asleep though so I have no idea if she could tell or what...sorry you ran into that situation...glad everything is ok though! ((hugs))

  10. Matthew hit 29 a couple months ago and he was the same....fine. Maybe a little tired. But really, he seemed okay.

    It didn't hit me until later how scary that was. He had been playing in his room. If he had fallen asleep???? So frightening.....


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