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It's in the Mail

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The holiday season is in full swing around here!  

Santa is at the mall.  The tree is up.  The lights are on.  Sounds of Christmas music can be heard streaming from the radio.  We've watched the Phineas and Ferb Christmas special at least twice.  Our Christmas Cards are in the mail!

Well.... not so fast.  

All of the above statement are true... EXCEPT for the Christmas Card part.

It seems that I send out cards later and later each year!  THIS year, not only do I have my traditional card list to send cards to, I've got an entire list of D Peeps to send cards to! 

I signed up for the D Peep Holiday Card exchange that Tracy @ The Superhero and The Princess put together.  I ALSO signed up for a card exchange with some D friends on Facebook.  It's a Type 1 kid card exchange.

That's A LOT of cards!

What's a busy mom to do?

Here's the solution:


Have you been to recently to check out their selection of cards?  You soooooo need to go take a look!  

The cards are darling.  AND budget friendly!  In fact, many are on sale!  I also love that I don't have to sign our names on each one!  With all the added cards, this year - there's NO WAY I'd ever get that much hand written!  But I can personalize the cards with a photo and special message - so it's not bland or impersonal.

Let me show you a few of my favorites...

If you're looking for a Christmas Card, I am positive you'll be able to find one you like!  The choices are endless.... it took lots of searching to find just ONE.  Click HERE to see the full collection.  I played around with a few - personalizing them. Adding pictures.  Special messages.  

But THIS ONE is my favorite!

Is this card not darling???  I LOVE it and I LOVE that it's kinda like writing a Christmas letter... but not quite!  

I know that not everyone wants a Christmas Card.... so if that's YOU, then you should check out the Holiday Cards.  Click HERE to see the complete collection.  Holiday cards are great for many reasons... but my personal favorite reason is that you can send them AFTER Christmas if you're super busy and they still work!!!

Again, it was hard to pick just one favorite!  But check THIS ONE out....

I like this one because it's a bit non-traditional.  It tells you something about our family.  We LOVE the beach!  In fact, before Sweetpea was born, we spent Christmas in Florida.  Every year.  Christmas is in Florida to me - it's warmer weather, sandy beaches, rolling surf....  NOT SNOW.  So I took one of my favorite beach pictures and added it to this fantastic card!  And the result is a holiday card that shares a little bit of our heart!

So.... I couldn't pick JUST ONE.  I also really like THIS ONE!

I like that the card is not the traditional red and green!  Our pictures from our Littlest Heroes Project were taken in the summer and Sweetpea wore pink!  I LOVE these pics... but outfits kinda clash with the red and green on a lot of the cards.  So this card was perfect!

While looking at the cards, I also checked out the gift section of the site.

I don't know about you, but my parents are SO HARD to buy for.  I never have any idea what they want.  But one thing I DO know.  They LOVE pictures of Sweetpea!  I can NEVER go wrong with a picture gift!  

Shutterfly did not disappoint!  I found something I KNOW they will LOVE!

What is it? Well.... if you promise not to tell.... I'm getting them a Photo Calendar!  Click HERE to see the full selection of options.  

The calendars are also currently on sale.  You can choose a wall calendar, desk calendar or calendar poster.  You can also personalize the calendar not just with photos but with DATES!  I need one of these for myself!!

There are LOTS of options & lots of themes! You can choose the kind of layout that you want, add text, decide the number of pictures... it's up to you!

Here is one of my favorite pages!

I know you can find something to meet your needs at Shutterfly!

Happy Shopping!


In exchange for writing a post about my favorite Shutterfly cards and products, Shutterfly has compensated The Princess and The Pump with 50 photo cards - which I plan to use to send to my D family whom I love so dearly!  You can be part of this promotion, too.  Just click HERE for more information.


  1. I LOVE that hair! Did you see the DOC awards had a "best hair" award??????? Well, I think that would be Princess!!!

  2. I just can't believe how adorable your little Sweetpea is :) Those pics are gorgeous! What a great idea to use Shutterfly for Christmas cards. I hadn't thought of doing something like that! Thanks for sharing! xoxo

  3. love the cards! I need to get on my d cards asap. I just signed up with shutterfly hope i can get em too!

  4. OMGoodness those are so CUTE! I just did mine this morning. A quick and dirty...

  5. I *heart* Shutterfly. And, look at YOU go and get yourself some free cards for sharing teh Shutterfly love. Way to be creative, crafty, and save youself some dough! Love the top ten card. btw.

  6. Really cute!!! I love EVERY one. Can't wait to get mine. :)

    Speaking of...I better get going on mine!


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