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Holding Hope In Your Hands

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

* Hope Now by Addison Road can by heard by clicking PLAY! *

” Hope is faith holding out its hand in the dark. ”
~George Iles

Today is "A Day of Hope".  People all over the world are writing this one word on their hands.  In honor of someone special.

It's one word.  One small, four letter word.

But it's BIG in meaning and purpose.

Hope is everything.

You might wonder.... WHY would I want to write this word on my hand?  What good is that going to do?

Maybe someone sees it and it brightens their day.

Maybe someone asks you about it and you can talk about life with Type 1.

Maybe it encourages someone to ACT.

Maybe it helps someone to keep holding on... to keep swimming... to never give up.

Maybe it helps YOU smile when you see it.

Maybe it reminds YOU to keep swimming.

Maybe it makes you feel proud and determined...

There is power in this word.

There is power in people all over the world BELIEVING in HOPE.

“Hope is not a dream but a way of making dreams become reality.”

If you participated in the Day of Hope, I want your pictures!  If I get enough, I'll do something creative with them!   Head on over to Facebook and put your picture on The Princess and The Pump's page.  And take a second to "like" me while you're there!

Of course, it's not too late!  Go ahead and write it on your hand tomorrow.  You can have HOPE any day.  You SHOULD have HOPE every day!

Click HERE to go visit me on Facebook.  I post blogs on facebook... I post pictures... I post links to some of my favorite D products... I post links to interesting D articles... and I write more "in the moment" updates on our life with diabetes and a young child!  That's the place where you'll read all of Sweetpea's antics ... and mine too!

I hope to see you there!!



  1. Great post on "HOPE" Hallie! I love the awareness that this campaigne raises and it is so easy. I am heading over to like you...I am not sure if I have "liked" you yet - LOL.

  2. Wonderful post!! :) I made an album on my Facebook of all the HOPE's everyone sent to Kacey. Feel free to grab those if you want! You rock!!!! <3

  3. HOPE is what it's all about. :)

  4. Seeing all the HOPE pics on facebook is a breathtaking sight! I hope you get enough to do something, hope IS a very powerful word!

  5. "It's one word. One small, four letter word.

    But it's BIG in meaning and purpose.

    Hope is everything."

    SO TRUE!!!! Hope is one powerful word!

    I like that you're going to do something with the hope photos. I like all of your special projects. :)

  6. You are so sweet-and HOPE we all carry around-even on the bad days. Prayin' and hopin' and lovin' and hopin' for a CURE! : )
    *writing on myself*


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