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Diabetes Supplies... Our *FIRST* Vlog

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Last week, I was given the opportunity to participate in "Submit Your Kit"!

What's that?

Well, it's the chance to talk about what is in your diabetes kit!  And by making your voice heard, make a difference in diabetes care.

I feel like am constantly on the search for the "perfect" diabetes bag.  The "perfect" diabetes organizer.  The "perfect" fit for all members of my family who carry that little bag of preciousness day in and day out.

That is no easy task.

What is easy?

Telling you what's in our kit!

Oh... but not just by WRITING it.  No, no... after watching the amazing Reyna do a vlog... Wendy and I thought - "Hey!  WE can do that, too!"  And so we did....

Go get a little popcorn and enjoy the show!  In true Sweets fashion, she took over and the video is a wee bit longer than what was originally planned.  But I think you'll enjoy it, nonetheless!

(And don't miss the debut of Sparkles - Sweetpea's Unicorn!  She just picked it out of the Sale bin at Target last night. And she picked the name on her own... I swear!  I don't know if he's really an advocacy unicorn like Kerri's Sprinkles... but I'm sure he has diabetes... just like all the other stuffed animals and dolls living at our house!)

(AND.... remember that the camera adds 10-30 pounds.  Just sayin'...)

To see more of our videos, visit the new tab "Channel D: Sweet TV" above!

 And here are my pics...

(This is a good reminder for me to replace the batteries and extra container of test strips that I took out and used not too long ago!)

"Submit Your Kit" is a project of the IA Collaborative.  They describe themselves as "a creative enterprise specializing in branding, strategic research, product planning, graphic and interface design. Through contextual research and validation, they uncover real consumer needs, define viable business opportunities and deliver creative solutions."

I don't know about you, but when it comes to our diabetes bag, I am ALWAYS looking to improve... always looking to a creative solution to the craziness of lugging around medical equipment day in and day out.

The IA Collaborative is trying to understand the needs of people with diabetes (YOU) so that they can improve the process and tools they (YOU) use to help manage their (YOUR) everyday lives.

What they want from YOU?  This is all it takes....

1.  Grab all of the things you bring with you during the day to manage your diabetes.  Spread them out on a table and photograph them from above.

2.  List the items in your photo.

3.  List any challenges you face or ideas for how your kit, the items in your kit, or the process of managing your diabetes can be improved.

4.  Provide your first name, diabetes type, and age.  Email your submissions to

Click to read more about "Submit your Kit"!

Have fun....!



  1. So glad I didn't vlog alone for the first time :) Sweets is ADORABLE and you're pretty cute yourself! Can't wait until we can meet up IRL!

    ♥ you guys!

    Hi five and a hip bump from AZ!

  2. I have a HUGE smile plastered on my face right now. You guys are as I imagined you. Love that you just wiped the blood with your hand - I do that too. AND...Sweets is adorable. I love how comfortable she was. Now I gotta go check out the links to this project. THANK YOU. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

  3. This was just wonderful to see and hear you both. Cara watched it with me and now SHE REALLY WANT"S THE PUMP. We are making the phone calls today :) Cara would like to say to sweets that she loves her and would like to be her best friend and go to her house to play!!
    p.s. I really need to hook you up with "REAL" smarties, Canadian smarties are the BEST!!

  4. Hello adorableness!!! I'll have perma grin the rest of the day!

    And a unicorn appropriate!

  5. SweetPea is so freakin' cute! Love her!

    Oh, and you too. :)

  6. This is so great that someone is taking the time to listen to the users. Thanks for spreading the word and congrats on your 1st vlog!

  7. That was great! I can't wait to show my girl later...I know she will love seeing another 5 yr old girl! (with a Hello Kitty shirt & a unicorn!)

  8. You gals are just as I imagined! SweetPea is adorable (and so are you Hallie!) Thanks for sharing what is in your kit. You gals hold way much more than us. I have to get on that link and submit my info.
    Thanks for sharing and congrats on the first Vlog - it was fab!

  9. You did great!! Love the shirt! I am working on a VLOG actually, so thanks for the extra push ;)

    OMG Sweets is so cute!!!!

  10. Watching you and Sweets was SO much fun!!! Sweets is adorably hilarious!!!

  11. Leighanna said... "She is hil-ar-i-ous"!!!

    So cute!!

  12. Ryan was excited to see this. He loved it. But he noticed the first thing that I did and said outloud, "I have the same bag!" We bounce around between that gray bag and a small backpack. Too cool (at least that's what Ryan thought).

    You're both beautiful! Good to hear you talk.

  13. UH OH! I better make a bigger bag! lol Great job ladies!!! :)

  14. Love, love, love your first vlog! Sweets is the star of the show!

  15. happy to see you both VLOG! That is too much cuteness in one video...

  16. How cute are you guys!! Sweet pea is just amazing!! I just want to hug you guys. Thank you for all of your awesomeness!!

  17. isnt vloging fun? I think it adds a personal touch to our blogs :)

    Sweetpea is so adorable. she is so smart to know how to take care of herself.

    you should be so proud

  18. Oh I am so glad you did this... I am on the search for the best bag too!! where did you get the hipster!! I loved seeing you guys it was adorable!

  19. I've been MIA for so long, but today I finally had some time to visit your blog. What a nice surprise!

    Sweetpea is ADORABLE! Oh my word! I even let Matthew watch and he loved her!

    (I just bought some of those measuring cups last week! I think they may come in handy!)

  20. How did you guys fit so much cute into that 5-year-old body??

    You were both great! :)

  21. Absolutely Adorable! I have such a smile on my face now, after a long, and somewhat frustrating #diabetes day! Sweets is too cute and you are great yourself too! I may have to vlog myself. :)
    Aliza Chana

  22. That was wonderful!! Encore, encore! : )
    Sweetpea was totally the bomb-she needs a show (Glad she has a channel now-heehee!)
    Loved seeing you guys in person, I will totally *consider* a vlog with our meter bag. Hugs! Holly

  23. Loved your Vlog and what and adorable little girl you have! I love your idea of throwing some smarties in the with the meter, so I just did that today!

  24. Sorry just noticed all my typos in my tired, sure you understand!

  25. Just sitting here smiling away. You are both so cute and oozing personality!


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