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Winners and a Whirlwind Weekend

Friday, March 11, 2011

Whew! I made it!

It's been a CRAZY day! I know you've been waiting on the edge of your seats all day to find out who the FIVE people are who won my Sugar Bolus! I'm so sorry it's taken this long...

But I have good reasons!

First, I worked all day!

Then, Sweetpea has STREP. AGAIN! I don't think the poor child has been healthy for five days straight since January. I have to give D a hand, though. Without it, I would never have known this early. But she had some wonky high numbers last night that would NOT come down. I knew she'd been exposed - multiple times- so I looked in her throat.... and those tonsils were HUGE. She feels fine... no fever... no pain. We opted for the shot - a little one and done. I hoped that it would help keep her from getting any sicker and hopefully keep those bg's from getting too crazy. We can hope. Poor girl. She had a rough day!

Then... I had to go stand in the cold... in a rather LONG LINE... to get a certain new product that was available TODAY from Apple. :) Totally worth the wait!

THEN... I'm packing! I am headed to Washington DC tomorrow to participate in JDRF's Government Day! This is my first time attending this event... and I am stoked!

Government Day actually lasts for 4 days! It's "part training session, part research update, part networking opportunity, and part celebration of the Advocacy Program". About 150 volunteers, just like me, from around the country are on their way. We will be meeting with our Congress men and women on Monday and Tuesday! I'm excited to share my passion for JDRF and encourage our law makers to get involved and help us fight this disease!

This year, YOU can get involved in Government Day from the comfort of your own home!


JDRF is really engaging the use social media this year. Some D Bloggers (Allison Blass, Michael Hoskins, Scott Johnson, Kelly Kunik, Kelly Rawlings, Cherise Shockley, Kerri Sparling, Scott Strange, and Kim Vlasnik) have been invited to participate in a round table discussion. This discussion will be on Sunday at 2:15pm EDT. It will be streamed LIVE through JDRF's USTREAM channel. The discussion will focus on how JDRF's Advocacy Program can more effectively complement the efforts of the DOC.  You can submit discussion topics through USTREAM, Twitter, and Facebook

We will also be live tweeting this entire event under the hashtag #JDRFGovDay

This is something new for me - but I'm ready to get my tweet on!  You can follow me on Twitter @PumpingPrincess!

Oh!  But YOU want to know who won, right!?!

Ok... here we go....

The FIVE lucky winners of the LFAC Sugar Bolus are.....

#44 - Sherry (jcarrier)

#20 - Kandice (Cherished Children)

#13 - Jennifer Colby

#31 - Lori Willey


#3 Reyna

CONGRATULATIONS to all my winners! 

For those whose name was picked, go visit Once Upon a Sugartree and decide what you'd like!  You can choose necklace or keychain, personalization, color, beads, and more!  Email me ( your "order" within 48 hours or a new winner will be picked!

If you did NOT win - I'm sorry!  Better luck next time!  But you can still get a very cute necklace or keychain AND help out the Life for a Child program!  Go on over to Once Upon a Sugartree and order one for yourself!

Thanks for playing everyone!

Don't forget to keep in touch with me through Twitter and The Princess and The Pump Facebook page for updates about this weekends fun in DC!



  1. Wow! You have certainly been one busy lady! Sorry to hear about Sweetpea :( Hope she recovers from the strep quickly and can catch a break from all the sickies!
    Can't wait to hear about your time at Government'll have to share all about your experiences in DC!

    And Congrats to all the winners! Now I'm off to order a couple keychains for me and Charlotte! They are too cute!!!

  2. Poor Sweets!! I hope she feels better soon!

    Im soo jealous! Next year Ima sneak in a suitcase if I have to, to get there!! Have fun and yay for the winners :)

  3. SO jealous over the new iPad! I want one BADLY! Enjoy it!

    Have a GREAT time in DC! I can't wait to hear all about it!

    Hope Sweetpea handles the strep okay and continues to feel well! Hope her numbers don't go wonky on you again!

  4. (((HUGS))) To SweetPea!!! I hope she feels better soon...AND...have a blast in DC!!!

    AND...did I WIN??? WAHOOO!!! I hope so.

  5. Thanks for explaining what is all happening in DC over the next few days. It's so strange that here in Canada we don't have events like this - probably due to our smaller population in our country. I know I attend as many JDRF events as I can close to home and helping CWD this summer in Toronto - but sadly - again - not a big thing here in Canada. Even the Montreal JDRF branch I belong to where I signed up to volunteer in many areas - NEVER calls me up. I get more response from the Ottawa JDRF - go figure that one out - I don't live there.

    I think Canada and the rest of the world have alot of catching up to do with Americans in diabetic advocacy - that's for sure!

  6. We can't wait to hear about your trip!! I didn't know about the giveaway-I'm behind! : ) And those are soo cute! I have to keep up. Have fun, and I hope Sweetpea feels better! : )

  7. Congrats to the winners! Hope SweetPea is feeling better by now. AND...I'm following your tweets (new for me too) and can't wait to hear about your whole experience in DC when you get back!


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