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Animas Ping Site Change.... Sweetpea Style

Sunday, April 10, 2011

I know many of you have asked about how in the world we do site changes at night!

So.... here is a video showing you just that!

First, a little background...

Sweetpea uses an Animas Ping Insulin Pump (pink, of course). I've written about our LOVE for the Ping before...

Parade of Pumps:  Animas Ping
We Love Our Pump:  The Animas Ping
We're Pumping the Ping

Site changes were not fun for us. Just like with shots, she cried and kicked and fought us with each one. EVEN THOUGH, she would tell us that it did not hurt with the numbing cream... her nerves got the better of her.

A friend told me that they sometimes changed their daughter's site at night and she never knew. I did not think this would for us. Sweets would wake up and fight us when we were doing her Lantus shot overnight on MDI.

However... one night we were getting ready to do a change and she fell asleep. We figured we'd give it a go and see what happened...


And the best part was that Sweets LOVED it! She had no clue, didn't wake up, and said the next day how happy she was that she "didn't even have to worry about it"!

Since then... it's just what we do.

So... If you are wondering how it's done...

Watch THIS...



  1. OMG, that is amazing! I cannot believe she sleeps through that! Adam wakes whenever I check his BG, I can't imagine doing a site change. I am so glad it works for you guys, though - much less stress! Sweetpea is ADORABLE - loved seeing her in the video!

  2. wow! that's amazing that she sleeps straight thru it. great!

    also, i've never seen a ping site/cartridge change before- i pump with minimed. different, and yet the same.

    sweetpea's a trooper!

  3. Awesome that you guys are able to site change at night to help keep Sweetpea's stress level down! She is absolutely adorable! Love her unicorn!!!

  4. Good idea. Will have to do that when our son gets a pump. Thank you for sharing. Sweetpea is definitely a sweetie.

  5. This was great Hallie! Sweatpea is so adorable!! I think having these kind of videos up is really important. Not only does it give those without T1 to check out a site change but it also helps those who may not be pumping yet see what changing a site entails. I couldn't hear about the tha ELMA that you put on before the site change?

  6. Hallie . . . thank you for making this sweet video! I have never seen a site change, let alone one done on a sleeping child. You all make it seem so easy and effortless! When Ellie starts pumping (this summer) will you come and show me your magic?!?!

    p.s. - love the sunglasses perched on your head ;)

  7. Not only am I amazed at how she slept through all that but that you do it all in the dark!! I have done a few site changes while Bryce sleeps and they don't go that smoothly! usually an arm gets pulled away or tubing gets wrapped around him as he rolls over or the iv3000 ends up on his blanket! She is such a little angel! Thanks so much for sharing :-)

  8. Totally amazing! Haven't tried to do a pod change with Bean while she's sleeping yet, although when her pod alarmed last week at 4:30AM the though crossed my mind! But with a BG at 108 and 2 1/2hrs til breakfast I just let it ride. I think it was more my sleepy brain that couldn't handle it than worrying about her waking up!
    Thanks for sharing! It's always cool to see how other pumps work and the amazing tricks other Dmoms use!

  9. Joe watched (he is home from school) AND he got the biggest smile when he saw Sweets. We both loved the way she says "CWEAM" for "cream".

    You guys do an amazing job Hallie. This is such a wonderful resource to parents considering the pump.

  10. WOW! That's awesome!

    I wish someone would sneak in and change my sight while I am asleep. I use those rapid D steel infusion sets and they hurt like a bugger! I need to try the "magic cream".

    Your family is so so so CUTE!

  11. You guys are doing an amazing job to help others by sharing your journey. Our T1 kids are tough and strong. Hannah rarely wakes up during a BG check or site change. That sure makes it easier for us parents!

  12. Man - I so wish Nate would sleep thru a site change. He used to but now he wakes up. :(

    You guys are such a great team!!!!

  13. Sweets is so stinkin' cute!!!

    It never ceases to amaze me what our D kids can sleep through.

    This was a really helpful video for someone like me, whose child is still on MDI.

  14. Thank you Mom and Sweetpea for helping others learn how to make site changes less traumatic. What a fantastic idea! With the EMLA, they can't feel it but this helps with the psychological trauma. Best of both worlds. Sweetpea is so darling.... but so sad to see such a young child with D. She still has her cute little toddler way of speaking, she should not be dealing with diabetes. No child should.

  15. You are inspiring! : ) Maybe I'll video Mary Claire's site change? It was a little different than ours, but I love it! I also *love* that you have a pink site! Awesome.
    And I love that unicorn too! My girl has a unicorn too, but it's smaller, and sooo worn out! : )

    Great Job!! Holly

  16. So jealous! LOL...great job, wish we could do ours at night too, but she's a light sleeper, wakes up for every finger poke and everything. She still get nervous about site changes and we're almost to the 1 year mark, but she gets better with everyone! She's 6 and I tell her if she can do 3 site changes in a row without freaking out I give her a $1 or 50cent coin. She loves those "big monies" LOL

  17. I'm amazed by this. Not only is Sweets such a cute little girl, but that just blows my mind you can do all this while she's sleeping. When she was talking in her sleep, I thought maybe it was a delayed reaction to having the site go in.. Until you mentioned she just does that. What a way to help her not panic about the whole thing! Thank you for sharing this.

  18. Shes tooooo cute!!

    We have done night changes but only for stubborn highs. Its so crazy moving around in the dark yet we know our way exactly! Great VLOG girly!

    ? We were told (when we used Insets) to fill cannula before insertion?

    Does it make a a difference at all?


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