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Type 1 Diabetes: A Haiku

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Today's Wego Health topic is to write a haiku about your "condition".

I really thought I might not have any poetic prose inspiration for this. However, when I looked at Sweetpea's Dexcom CGM last night, inspiration struck.

I took a peek at Dexie before going to bed... And THIS is what I saw...


That, my friends, is a victory!! No spikes over 200 in a 24 hour period!

It has taken 2 years. 2 years and this is the first time EVER I have seen a cgm reading look that good.

To some, this may not look good.  But to us... this is GOOD.

I'll take it! I was so in love, I had to go snap a pic!!

And seeing that screen got my creative, haiku writing juices flowing...

Here you go...

Type 1 Diabetes: A Haiku

Beautiful picture
It's as good as a working
Pancreas. Almost.

Almost.... About as close as we will get for a 5 year old!

Of course, the joy was short lived.

Sweets was 75 at breakfast this morning. She wanted Cheerios. I thought it was a good day to try it again - on the low side with a pre bolus.

The good news is that she came in at 84 two and a half hours later. The bad news is the spike. It went up to 300 and right back down. Looked like one of Wendy's shark teeth. Then things got even more ugly this afternoon!

That is something that D has taught me. I have to enjoy those little moments. I have to celebrate them. They won't last forever - and sometimes it's hard work getting there... So D has taught me to ENJOY those moments, those small victories whenever possible!

Even if that means taking a picture of your child's cgm at midnight!!

Or writing a little haiku!



  1. Great job on the haiku! And I LOVE that Dex graph!

  2. Pretty picture!!!

    We cant do ANY cereal except Kashi Honey oats. Otherwise its a mess!

  3. Great Dex graph! We just started C's Dex trial this afternoon...hoping eventually we'll be able to have a picture like that too :)


    Gotta take pictures and celebrate victorious moments before they're gone....LOVED IT!

  5. beautiful! Great job. I've been using Laura H's "rage" bolus to knock out breakfast spikes. My most recent version is 40-50% basal increase for 1/2 hr. I start it 1 hour before breakfast. Yesterday after breakfast it didn't spike above 180!

  6. Congratulations on the good CGM readings. :) I just happened to come across your son has had type 1 for almost 6 years. He's 13 now; was diagnosed at age 7. I read your post on "the cure." Crazy isn't it??? Today I was standing in line at Walmart to buy groceries and saw a similar headline on a magazine. I hate it when my son sees stuff like that. Thanks for sharing your story online.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing your story online! I have been a Type 1 Diabetic for 16 years many ups and downs (no pun intended). I remember when I was first diagnosed (I was 14)wishing I knew others in my shoes. I just know you are helping so many others by sharing!


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