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Runaway Train

Friday, April 1, 2011

** The playlist is still there... just a little further down the list.  Runaway Train can be heard by clicking PLAY!**

This week is our Spring Break!

Although we are very spoiled and are usually in Florida, this year we are staying home. So this week has been filled with appointments and as much fun as you can have on vacation when it's 30 degrees and snowing outside.

One big accomplishment for Sweets was getting her very own library card! She was soooo excited! She loves picking out books and "paying" for them herself- with NO HELP from Mom! Her favorites are The Berenstain Bears, Arthur, and Madeleine!

Yesterday, we had a day of family fun! We went to breakfast at one of our favorite restaurants. Sweets got her favorite - chocolate chip pancakes!!

Yummmmm! Look at that chocolatey smile!

I prebolused a good 15 minutes before eating.... And was happy to see a spike that didn't go much over 250. For pancakes, that is a vast improvement!

We then went to the Train Museum! This is a place that is filled with miniature trains and towns... It goes from when trains were first invented to present day. There is also a playground, two outside trains to ride, and a section of fun that changes for the season. Right now it is an "Under the Bigtop" theme- complete with clown college, a hall of mirrors, and a curtain maze.

We got season passes last summer because Sweets fell so totally in love with the place! She loves trains... Not Thomas- but she likes Dinosaur Train and Chuggington! And real trains, of course!

We had a great time!

Lunch consisted of 25 cent hot dogs from the snack station! Yum! Sweetpea's bg was in the 200's and I was a little surprised that it hadn't come down further. But we bolused and she ate and all was well.

Until... It was time to leave.

I was taking pics thinking that I could blog about this day and how D had left us alone. I guess I thought too soon.

Sweetpea had a big ol meltdown because she didn't want to go. Lots of crying and fussing. Then complaining and mass negativity all the way home. This usually means that she is high. And she was.

She was high... And HI... All night long.

Correction after correction did next to nothing. We were due to change her site so we hoped
that would help. It did not.

By midnight, She was hanging in the upper 300's and had 1.1 (moderate) ketones. She was so drenched in sweat that I had to change her sheets. She said she felt like she was going to throw up.

Just great.

I gave her another correction- with the new site and new insulin. Not super aggressive but more than her usual overnight ISF of 500.

And this one worked. By 2:30 am she was in the upper 100's. And then she was low. And low again. And low again...

She woke up in the mid 100's today. But spiked to the moon after breakfast. She, again, was laying on the couch, feeling nasty and acting grumpy as well. Poor girl. It breaks my heart to see her that way. And it is unbelievably frustrating... To know she's in there but not acting like herself. To know that so often we are not seeing the true Sweetpea.

I don't know how to help her when she gets like that...

By lunch, she was in range and has stayed there all day. Maybe this storm is over. Or maybe this is just the eye...

With D you never know.

It rarely let's you forget about it. It's always there lurking in the background or popping up and demanding attention at the most annoying times. Sometimes it behaves. And sometimes it just does not play fair.

And it obviously does not care that you are on vacation!



  1. Shame on D for messing with your vacation!!!!

    Hope the rest of your break is filled with better days!

  2. I hope the rest of Spring break has less ups and downs for you guys and more smiles and laughter. I agree with how stinky it is that BG levels cause such havoc on our children's emotions and behavior, it's hard to explain to Isaac's older brother sometimes that his behavior isn't okay but he's high so we're going to give him a little bit to calm down and hope things mellow out. I try to make a point of letting Isaac know he can't be mean (hit or yell) because of it, but darn it's hard to not just let it go as you know they wouldn't be behaving that way if their darn immune system didn't go rogue!
    Truly hope the break is a great time for relaxation and family fun :)

  3. Did she eat syrup with the pancakes? That's the one food that we can't seem to keep in check after she has it. Even if we know the exact amount of carbs and cover appropriately, it never works. She get high and stay high for the rest of the day. Then, the crash! It HAS to be sugar-free syrup. I'm on a mission to get ALL restaraunts to carry S.F. syrup!

  4. Did she have syrup with the pancakes? That's the ONE food that we can't keep in check. Even if we know exactly how much to cover for it, it never works! She will get high and stay high the rest of the day. Then, the crash! My daughter HAS to use sugar-free syrup. I'm on a mission to get all restaraunts to carry sugar-free syrup!

  5. BUMMER on the highs Hallie. I remember being so frustrated when Joe was younger...b/c...I knew, in part, his behavior was due to highs and/or lows...and...people/outsiders just could not understand. Luckily, I have to say I have seen a vast improvement in this area as he has aged.

    I hope the highs come down today and that you guys have another wonderful day enjoying your vacation.

  6. Mood swings was part of what tipped me off that something was wrong with Skyler before she was diagnosed. That is so hard to deal with because they act so different from their typical personality. I agree with Reyna that it has improved as Skyler gets older.
    She will be 9 next week and is way better at knowing she is high and understanding the feeling.
    Sorry for your ups and downs and lack of sleep.

  7. I'm sorry. That just sucks!!! FO SHO!!

  8. That totally stinks!

    You know, pancakes always shoot Matthew to the moon.

    BUT....I recently discovered a Fiber One pancake mix.

    Matthew LOVES them and his sugar ROCKS whenever he eats them. : )

  9. Ugh! I hate when D messes with a perfectly nice day like that! Hope that the worst is over and she's able to keep in range.


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