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NO D Day

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Today is No D Blog Day!  Created by George Simmons (aka Ninjabetic) over at The B.A.D. Blog, this is a day to blog about something OTHER than Diabetes.

Which makes me think... how much would I love to live in a world where I didn't feel the pull to blog about diabetes.... because D was not a part of our lives.  A lot.  But - that's not my world.  

So.... I decided to give you all little tour of our house!  I was so inspired by Reyna's Welcome to Mars post that I thought it would be fun!  I loved seeing her digs so I thought you might like to see ours, too!

In honor of "keeping it real" (another idea inspired by Wendy's post: A REAL Deep Post About Perfection, which is something I struggle with a lot.  The need to be perfect.  Not keeping it real.  If it got more real here.... well, I don't know what!) I'm posting real life pics.  There's dust.  There's mess.  We're sick and I didn't feel like cleaning.  It is what it is!  Enjoy!

This is our family room.... and that fireplace is what sold me on the house!

Another view of the family room (even labeled in case you forget where you are).  Lots of windows!

Love this sign.  It's on the wall in our entryway.

The kitchen.  You see the downstairs bath (home of previously mentioned water fight).  Lots of junk of the counter.  D bag on the table.  Meds for illnesses out.  Mail laying around.... 

The Dining Room.  Or Command Central for our Walk T-shirt organization and our Dimes campaign.  Still junky as it has not been cleaned up.  Bugging me... but no time... will wait until weekend to clean it up.

The office.  Where the blogging magic happens!  I just recently decorated... can you see the cool cheetah print chairs to the right??  LOVE them!

The Playroom.  A big 'ol mess.  This is what happens when you say, "Please play nicely while Mommy lays down because she does not feel well."  Every container in the room was dumped and loaded into bags and purses.  *sigh*  The artwork on the wall is a "Sweetpea Original" - painted by her.  The words say, "Such a big miracle in such a little girl."

Sweetpea's room.  I painted the fairies and the flowers on the wall.  I think it's cool because the room has a vaulted ceiling so they are really tall!  You can see some evidence of D living here... but since I'm not supposed to talk about it, I won't point it out.

LOVE this!  This is on the wall at the top of the stairs.

This is looking down the hall upstairs.  The bathroom is to the left.  The room with the pink flowers is... Sweetpea's!  You guessed it!  The master is the other doorway you see.  You can't see it but the playroom is to the right of the master.  I was standing at the top of the stairs.  There is another bedroom behind me and the it's also open to the family room below.  Very handy for throwing things downstairs!

Hope you enjoyed the tour!  There's a few things I left out but they're just boring.  You're not missing anything!

We LOVE our house!  It's just a house and we know that.  But we really like it here!  We moved in when Sweetpea was about 18 months.  And we're really happy here!  The pool is across the street.  We like the neighborhood.  We like the location.  We like being close to work (well, my work anyway) and church.  

Home is a great place to be!  Thanks for stopping by!



  1. I love your home! It is so beautiful!! I love all the quotes! Thanks for letting us visit!!

  2. Yay!! I feel like I came for a visit. I was seriously considering doing the same exact thing - - - also inspired by Reyna. My post is still blank at this time!! UGH - w/o D what am I supposed to talk about??? Me? No thanks!!

    We shall see what happens.

    Thanks, Hallie for opening your home to the DOC.

    Love you!




  5. Ok - I'm just being a dork now! :)

  6. I love all the colors, and the painted fairies and flowers, and the sayings on the walls!

    Our playroom often looks like that! But a messy playroom is always the sign that someone was playing, imagining, moving, doing, pretending, thinking, and just being a kid, and that makes me happy.

  7. What a great house! More validation of my love for you...FAMILY...FAITH...KEEPING IT REAL! Wonderful house Hallie!

  8. I'm with word varification= a happy Meri!

  9. I love it! Thanks for participating in No D-Day! You have a lovely home.

  10. I was going to do this too!!!!!! Great minds think alike :)

    I LOVE YOUR HOME!!!! Can't wait to come for a visit....tell Sweetpea that I want to sleep in her room with the pretty flowers :)


  11. THAT FIRE PLACE IS AMAZING!!!! WOOT! Thanks for the tour. I think it is sooo interesting to see where we each live and WHERE the blogging magic takes place. I am pretty sure the readers/lurkers (come out people!) love it too. Sweat Peas room is gorgeous. You, my friend, are quite talented.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  12. LOVE your house and I love the sayings on your walls! And frankly, you are the only other person besides me who has a fire red room in their house - that makes you totally rock! Thanks for sharing - your home, and you, are just lovely.

  13. You have a beautiful house! I just LOVE Sweetpea's bedroom! Maybe I'll have to do this sometime and let you all into my very old...home. :)

  14. I love the family quote. No matter what! You have a beautiful home. So put together. Thank you for sharing.

  15. I really love the house post that people are doing it's great!! and sweet peas room HOW AWESOME is that...too cute!!

    You have a beautiful home and your a beautiful family!!

    Maybe once all the work is done in this house I can do a home post too :)

  16. Thanks for the tour! You have a wonderful colorful home!

  17. Love Sweet Pea's room! We moved this summer and I haven't done any decorating or painting. Though we did get a kitchen table this week...but you'll have to read my No D-Day post to *not* see a photo of it, wink!

  18. What a pretty house you have. I would've totally dug flowers on my wall when I was a girl!

  19. You call that a mess??? PALEEEEZE!!!

  20. My Ellie LOVES Sweet Pea's room! She said, "Mommy, I want that room!" :). She actually has a fairy decorated room but we haven't gotten around to painting anything since we moved in a little over a year ago (literally three weeks before Ellie's dx so I think I have a good excuse :)). I LOVE the fairies and flowers painted on the wall though so may have to steal that idea when we do get around to painting. Thanks for sharing!!

  21. Hi! I found this from the No D-Day blogroll.....and I just want to say that your daughter and the flowers on her walls are so precious I can't stand it!


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