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And the WINNER is....

Friday, October 1, 2010

Hi There!

Waiting for me???

Sorry to have kept you waiting ALL.  DAY.  LONG!!

I'm getting angry facebook posts...

I know - you're excited!  I would be, too!  Those bracelets ROCK!

This one is my personal favorite!!

 It's been nuts here today.  From the moment our feet hit the floor this morning all we've done is RUN!  

Get up.  Get dressed.  Get Sweetpea dressed.  Everyone is wearing her walk shirt to school today!  Get Dodge the Flamingo.  Drive to school.  Bolus for breakfast while driving (is bolusing while driving like texting???).  Run into school.  Take Dodge down to "Meet the Teacher".  Teach.  Collect Dimes for Dimes for Diabetes.  Test Sweetpea's bg.  Teach.  Enter Sweetpea's carbs and insulin.  Teach.  Take Sweetpea her bag to take to Gaga and Mimi's.  Eat.  Teach.  Attempt to carry dimes to car.  Break two bags trying get it out of the classroom.  Finally find a scooter to roll/kick money to the car.  Meet J and Sweetpea and Sweetpea's BFF and one of my BFF's for dinner.  Come home.  Do last minute WALK stuff - our walk is TOMORROW!  Clean up mess Sweetpea and BFF made in the bathroom.  (In retrospect, letting them play in the bathroom while we worked might have not been the best idea because while they had fun and kept busy, a water fight ensued, which SOAKED the bathroom towels, rug, and stopped up the toilet.)  Get Sweetpea her bedtime snack.  Read to her in bed.  Snuggle with her because she wanted MOMMY tonight....

But here I am!  

Oh yes... the WINNER!

Well... it's #23!

That is Lisa P. - aka LJ!

Congrats, Lisa!  I hope you LOVE whatever bling you get from Petite Baubles!
Lisa - make sure you contact me ( within 48 hours or I'll be picking a new winner!

Thanks to everyone for playing!  I'm so glad you stopped by!

Don't feel too sad if you didn't win.... I've got more goodies coming up!  And you should head over to Misty's blog - Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates!  She's got something pretty awesome for you over there!




    I'm guilty of bolusing while driving too....dang....

  2. YAY!!! Congrats to Lisa....and nice give away Hallie!

  3. Um, yeah, water play is not always the best idea. He he :)

    Congrats to Lisa!

    Enjoy the Walk tomorrow!

  4. LOL. So funny, I was just thinking today about bolusing while driving and if that was considered like texting while driving. For us it was lunch on the way to school though ;-)

    Have fun on your Walk tomorrow!!!

    Congrats to Lisa!


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