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A NEW Winner

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Guess what?!?

This just might be your lucky day!  The original winner of the gift certificate to Petite Baubles never claimed her prize.

Sad for her.  But LUCKY for you!

I entered the data into the widget at again and......

the NEW WINNER is..................................


Kim!  Congrats!  Email me and I'll hook you up with this fantastic prize!  

** I'll be back with more blogging fun very soon... but we are fighting STREP at our house right now.  Wonky blood sugars and a Mommy who also caught something = Yuk.  Sweetpea said, "Mama, I think you got sick cuz you snuggled me.  I'm sorry."  Too sweet!  I told her I'd take getting sick to snuggle her - she's worth it!  Here's hoping you are all healthy and happy and I'll see you soon! **



  1. Yay!!! That is so great that Kim won!

  2. Lucky Kim!! Ellie also just got over strep and I can now say we survived our first major illness since dx! She has had colds and stuff but this was complete with high fever, rash all over her face, high bgs and ketones of 2.0. But, WE SURVIVED!!


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