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Extra! Extra! Get your BLOGGER BASAL here!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Have your heard about the Blogger Basal?!?

Blogger Basal is a super cool post that comes out at the end of each month.  This post mentions each blogger and contains a link to a post of the author's choosing.  It's kind of like a round up of posts for the month... and kind of like a recap of what's been happening in wild and crazy world of the DOC!  

Wanna see an example?  Click HERE!

You don't want to be left out, do you?  

I didn't think so!  Here's what you need to do....

First, choose ONE post (I know, it's hard to pick sometimes.  Posts are kinda like kids - we love them all for different reasons!)

Then.... follow the official rules.  Here they are: 

The Official Rules for URL submissions:
1)  Must be (mostly) family friendly.  Rants are welcome.  Porn is not.  Get it?

2)  URLs are due on the 3rd Friday of the month.  PERIOD.  (That would be Friday, October 22)
Please submit your URL on time for inclusion in the current month's edition.

3)  Only one URL per author per month please.

Email to:

If you don't write your own blog, that's fine.  You can still participate by making sure to tune in to see the finished creation at the end of the month.  

Where you ask?  Well, HERE of course!  I'm hosting this month's party!  And it's sure to be SPOOK-TACULAR celebration!



  1. WOOHOO!!!!! Very exciting ;) Love the way this brings us together....kinda like a monthly family meeting!

  2. Maybe I am missing something but I couldn't find the address to send in the submissions to. Here is mine

  3. I've only posted 4 times this month - WTH is going on with me??

    How about my flocking post?? Thanks!

  4. I'm currently out of town with a BAD internet connection! Would love to be part of the blogger basal this month but it is taking me FOREVER to even pull up my blog to pick a post. Maybe the one about our Walk?? or whatever. Thanks!!


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