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Cure Story 3

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

That's the theme for our 2010 Walk to Cure Diabetes!

A week ago, we attended the kickoff luncheon for our walk!

Above are pics of some of the table tents that were placed around on the tables in the ballroom. Does that cutie look familiar? Yup, it's Sweetpea!

I love how creative and excited the folks at our local chapter are! I love how they come up with the cutest things - so focused on the kids! They are wonderful! They work so hard to raise money AND make our little sweeties feel so special!

It was a nice lunch filled with videos and a speaker. Buzz was even there encouraging everyone to get pumped about the walk!

It was a fun day! Sweetpea enjoyed seeing some of the little girls she has met at other functions! I enjoy ALL of it! J likes it too... although he says it kind of depresses him. Being a man, he doesn't spend a lot of time dwelling on the crappy side of D. If he thinks about it, he just thinks about something else and it doesn't get him down. Men's brains are so weird that way. I think about it ALOT. So I enjoy being in a room full other people who all "get it".

One interesting stat I heard that day was that a child diagnosed at 3 years old (just like Sweetpea) would spend over $650,000 in their lifetime on diabetes.


We need a cure. Not just because of the expense, of course. Because you can't put a price on your child's eyesight. Or limbs. Or heart. Or life.

We've got our information. We've got our posters and donation forms. We've signed our team up online. We even already have some donations!

We're working on our video and our letter....

We're on track!

I'm excited about this year's walk! I can't wait!


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