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Never Say Never

Monday, July 19, 2010

I never dreamed that I would have a little girl that would play sports.

Dance? Yes.

Gymnastics? Yes.

T-Ball? No.


Little Miss Sweetpea is playing T-Ball!

Sort of.

I'm not sure what brought this on....

She kept getting out the bat and ball she got at a professional baseball game and trying to play in the living room. So we got her a whiffle ball and bat and took her outside.

And she was GOOD.

She can hit the ball. And it doesn't just drop off the tee. It goes. And she can throw, too. The girl has an arm on her.

I was shocked. It seems that she has more athletic ability now - at 4- than I ever did!

She has watched her cousin play baseball. And she thought it looked like fun....

So we signed her up. On her team is one of her good friends... who happens to be the son of one of MY good friends. So it worked out nicely!

First practice.... Sweetpea was ready. Pink princess glove in hand.

She did great! She ran the bases. She threw the ball. She hit the ball and ran to base....

And then, all of a sudden, when at bat she just started crying.

We STILL have no idea what happened.

She tried to tell me that she was just tired and hungry and thought she was low. But she was not.

And once practice was over, she was refusing to play. REFUSING.

It was not pretty.

We tried everything. And nothing worked. Her mind was made up. T-ball was O- VER.

This is what she said.... "Mommy, I thought T-ball was going to be awesome. But it wasn't awesome. It was boring. Can you unsign me?"


First game... we insisted that she go and watch. She did. She refused to wear her shirt and refused to do anything. But she did watch intently.

Now, if we thought that she really did not like it then we would not force her to play. BUT... we are pretty sure that she really WANTS to do it... but for some reason is scared.

This past weekend.... J made her a deal. She REALLY wanted to play freeze tag. He REALLY DID NOT want to play. So he told her that if he played freeze tag, she had to play T-ball. At least in the field. And he would stand with her. And she would get the treat at the end of the game (which she did not get last week because she did not play).

She made the deal.

Everything was going along fine and dandy until game day. She woke up and the first thing she said was, "Mommy. I don't want to play T-ball today. Do I have to?"

I told her that she needed to talk to her Daddy about that. She said, "He's just going to tell me that I can't break the deal." And then, after a reminder about the treat, she decided that she would play.

Game Time....

Shirt ON! One battle down.....

Sweetpea sat with her team although she did not bat. She did go into the field with Ja by her side. This was ok since lots of other parents were out there, too... coaching (and I use that term very loosely) the different bases and stuff.

He said she was SHAKING at first but before long she was having fun.

Game over.... She was BEAMING and said she couldn't wait for next week! Although she still isn't going to bat....!

Thank Goodness!

Snack time....


I had thought ahead and packed a 2 c water pouch just in case. We had promised her the snack so I was going to let her eat it -- no matter what! Although I was hoping that there would be no gummies, which was the snack the week before.

Well... no gummies.


I wanted to yell, "Are you FREAKING KIDDING ME?!?!" But I did not. I let her take one. And.... with slight hesitation.... I let her eat it.

The best part? Halfway through eating it, she said, "Mommy, I don't like this. I used to like them but they taste gross now."

Oh good! Music to my ears! I told her we could throw it away and we would never speak of them again! :)

The only downer part was the juice... the juice that the Mom brought was a water pouch. It was not the kind that we drink so I did not know how many carbs it had in it. The Rice Krispie was marked but the juice was not. I wanted her to drink the juice that everyone else had... but I HAD to know the carb count.

I walked over the snack Mom and asked her if she could please tell me how many carbs it had in it. She told me that there were 8 sugars.

I very nicely said that I needed the number of carbohydrates. She said, "I said 8. 8 sugars. 8 carbs. It's the same."

Now, if you've been reading, you know I have not had the best week and you know I'm not exactly in the best place D wise. So maybe I was imagining the look I got that I was crazy and controlling for even asking in the first place. And maybe I was totally imagining the tone of her voice be condescending and rude. Like I was being so difficult to ask for such information for a child's snack. And how if I were to ask, I should know that carbs and sugars are the same.


But... I know YOU know that carbs and sugars are NOT the same.

I did not point this out. I said "Thank You" and walked away.

She does not know. She does not understand WHY I need to know. How I am not being difficult... I'm just keeping my child alive. Just trying to let her be like everyone else.

I know this won't be the last time something like this happens to me. To us.

But I did not let it ruin the night.

I gave the juice to my friend, swapped out our "free" water, and Sweetpea never even noticed.

We praised her! And we celebrated by going out for ice cream!

I'm paying for it now.... Totally overestimated the number of carbs and we are chasing lows.

But it was worth it! Sitting in the buggy, humid heat. Watching a game where she never got within 5 feet of the ball. Having a frustrating encounter. And even letting her eat marshmallow!

Yup.... totally worth it!


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  1. YEAH!!!!!!!!!

    Enjoy those games :) And...8 sugars/carbs/fats/proteins....whatever.


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