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Be Proud

Sunday, February 5, 2012

This post started out as a Five Question Friday. But... The first question took on a life of its own.... Sometimes that tends to happen!

The question was...

What have you done recently that you are proud of?

This quote has been making it's way around Pinterest and Facebook. I love it - and I'd have to say that it is something that I'm most proud of right now.

Being a Mom is hard enough.
Working full time is hard enough.
Being someones pancreas is hard enough.
Having a child with a broken elbow (more on that lovely turn of events later) is hard enough.
Everyday LIFE is hard enough.

But when you have all those things going on at once? Well, let's just say I'm surprised I'm not in a padded room by now. (Although if the room included a comfy bed, HGTV, books, and alone time... Sign me up!).

And some of you dealing with even MORE...  financial stress, other health related stresses like celiac disease, epilepsy,  and more, divorce...  the list goes on and on. And each one of those things are hard enough.

But - surprisingly, I'm not in that padded room. I just keep going. And trying my best to hold it all together. 

We ALL do that. And we should ALL be proud of ourselves.

It's not often someone says "I'm proud of you" just for living your life. But it's something we need hear, isn't it?

So.... I'm proud of you!

I know you'll probably say that it's nothing and you don't really have a choice...

But you do.

You don't have to get up in the night to check on blood sugars.
You don't have to research new diabetes technology.
You don't have to work hard.
You don't have to diligently count carbs.
You don't have to make sure the kids are bathed.
You dont have to tweak basal rates.
You don't have to basal test.
You don't have keep an eye on the cgm.
You don't have make 504 plans.
You don't have to train people in D care.
You don't have to make playdate sheets.
You don't have to keep your cell phone attached to your hip.

You don't have to do any of it. Not really.

But you do. Because you're an awesome parent. Because you love your kids more than anything in the world. Because you want to give them the best possible chance for a long, healthy, happy life.

The rest of the world looks at this life and those that REALLY get it would totally understand if we fell apart.

And from time to time we do.

But we pull it together and keep going. With no end in sight.

And we do it not because we are getting paid big bucks.
Not because of all the fame.
Not because it's oh-so-glamorous.

Not because we have to.

We do it because we love our kids. We do it because we're just that awesome.

And that's something to be proud of!



  1. Thank you. Your words made me feel proud (but sometimes I feel so tired...)
    Mine is a prince without pump (diagnosed in 2009, he´s 7 years old).

  2. Thanks for the reminder! I'm so the one that says "what else would I do, of course I'm going to do all of that" and I forget that there are parents out there that don't count carbs, that don't stay up late to check a BG or get up in the middle of the night to check a BG, that don't keep track of ratios and correction factors.

  3. Perfect reason to be proud, indeed! Great post, Hallie.

  4. A FB friend and fellow parent of cwd posted a link to your blog on FB last night. I was exhausted and needed to go to bed but I that friend always posts good stuff so I clicked the link. This lastest post hooked me and I spent the next hour reading your past blog posts. You write wonderfully and I must say you have inspired me to get back involved with JDRF advocacy. I was involved but then life caught up with me and I backed off a bit to catch up on other things. It is easy to get overwhemed with all the things we want to do when combined with all the things we have to do.


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