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Saturday, February 11, 2012

I was really intrigued by the questions in last week's Five Question Friday...
So much so that I spent an entire post writing about just ONE of them!  But I wanted to answer the rest - and see what you had to say about it, too.  So here we go...!

1. What have you done recently that you are proud of?
See this post....

2. What is your favorite way to work out? Or if you don't workout, what are you wanting to try?
I LOVE Jazzercise!  LOVE!  I love to dance and the music is great. I love the routines.  It reminds me of cheerleading in high school which I also loved...  And it's a GREAT workout!  I used to go every day.  In fact, I was seriously thinking about becoming and instructor when I met J.  
But, alas, Sweets was born and it was hard to be away from her after having been at work all day.  Then, once she was JUST getting old enough that it wasn't such a big deal...  When we were JUST getting to the place where she would be with me all day at school so going for an hour in the evening would be fine...  She was dx'd.  And it just flew out the window.  
I miss it.  And I know I'll go back one day.  But for  now, I'm hitting the treadmill.  I like that, too.  And she can play in the basement while I walk.  I'm also learning to love the bike.  I've been doing 2-3 miles on each since January - about 4-5 times a week.  And it feels good!  I haven't noticed that I've lost weight.  (BOOOOO!) BUT... I do notice that I feel stronger.  I do notice that it's now easy for me and when I started it was NOT.  So I'm proud of that.  And I'm going to keep going! 
I just decided that I'm never going to not be tired.  It's never going to be as easy as it once was.  I just have to DO IT.  I've found great motivation on Pinterest.  Check out my Fitness Inspiration here.  And here are few of my favorites...

3. If you knew you best friend was cheating on spouse would you tell?

Yes.  Because she has specifically told me to tell her!  (We were playing a game of "Would You Rather" one night and that came up!)  I would hate it.  I would NOT want to do it.  But I would because she told me she would want to know.  And would never want her to feel embarrassed or humiliated because everyone knew but her.  

Then I would help her go buy a big tarp and a shovel.  Just kidding...  I'd help her take him for every cent he has while making his life a living HELL.  And THAT is the truth.

4. If you could afford a live-in maid or nanny, would you have one?


Well...  I don't really want a live in one.  I like my privacy.  I don't like people just stopping by without calling.  I like to hang in my jammies and then I feel like a loser.  I don't think I'd every feel comfortable with a live in maid or nanny.

My first thought is that I'd LOVE a nanny to do night checks so I could sleep.  But let's get real....  I'm not I'd ever trust the person.  Unless she was also a RN.  Or endocrinologist.  Or had T1 herself.  And even then...  I don't know.  I could sure use the sleep... but I don't know.  I trust J completely.  I sleep like a baby when it's his night.  But she's HIS kid.  He loves her like I do and I know he takes excellent care of her.  An outsider - no matter how great - just doesn't love your kid they way you do.  So I don't think so on the nanny.

Now the MAID... Oh HELL YES!  Not a live in one.  Just one that comes and cleans.  J thinks its a bad idea because it isn't teaching Sweets important lessons about responsibility and such.  I get that.  And he's not wrong.  But we work all day long.  And we come home and are pancreases and parents and the house work...  it just doesn't get done.  And when we DO happen to have a free minute - I don't want to spend it cleaning the toilet.  But it hangs over my head constantly that it needs to be done.  I hate it.  So I'd love a maid.  LOVE.  We can teach Sweets about responsibility in other ways!

5. Do you stress out about birthdays (specifically the age) or do you enjoy them?
No stress.  I enjoy!  
Maybe that will change when I'm 40.  But so far...  no stress, all fun!
Maybe it because all of my friends and my hubby are a good 4-5 years (or more) older than me so I'm always the youngest.  I don't know.  To me a birthday is a day to eat cake and get presents.  What could be stressful about that?!?

And, a bonus question from Scott, that I wasn't brave enough to put in as a regular question...answer at your own risk, or not at all! (Or something...)

Bonus: Lights off or on?
Off.  I don't need the lights.  I can do it in the dark.
J prefers the lights on.  He can't see what he's doing in the dark so he always turns on a lantern.  


I'm talking about testing blood sugar.  What were YOU thinking?!?

Seriously, my PARENTS read this blog people!  Geesh!  :)

Ok!  Now it's YOUR TURN!  Tell me....  What do YOU think?

Seriously - I wanna know!



  1. I test BG in the dark too, hubby has a little flashlight that he takes with him, Kortnie hates the flashlight, it shines in her face and wakes her up and she fights him. Then he says to me "I can't do night time checks, she doesn't like it when I do it". Well, duh, she's sound asleep and you're shining a dang light in her face! LOL

  2. DUDE I almost choked on my spittle...with the lights on or off. I totally have a dirty mind, as you know. :)


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