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The Connection

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

As you know, back in March we had the pleasure of meeting - IN PERSON - a wonderful group of PWD bloggers at JDRF's Government Day.  I wrote about that incredible experience HERE.  We had the honor of meeting Allison Blass, Cherise Shockley, Kelly Kunik, Kelly Rawlings, Kerri Sparling, Kim Vlasnik, Mike Hoskins, Scott Johnson, Scott Strange, Haley Van Shaick And it truly was an honor!

J and I enjoyed meeting them because we had been reading their blogs for ... well, 2 years!  When Sweets was first diagnosed, they provided this incredible HOPE for us that she was going to be just fine.  They still do.

What I didn't expect was the reaction that Sweetpea would have to them. 

Honestly, I thought that she would think it was cool.... but that would be that.

She's met other KIDS with T1.  She does like that.  As some point during the play date there is always some comparing of pumps and meters and pokers.  But D is always in the background.  It's always seemed almost  incidental to her.  She always seems like the fact that they have diabetes is not really that important.  It's just a part of it - a small part.  She seems to relate to them more as KIDS than as KIDS with D.

And that's fine.  I'm glad to see it.

So I expected her meeting adults with T1 would be the same.

Uhhh... Not so much!

When she first met them, many of the adults showed her their pumps and cgms.  She thought that was cool.  In fact, one of the first things she said to me was, "We're all in the Diabetes Club, Mommy.  But you're not.  Cuz you don't have diabetes.  Just us."

Hmmmm.... Interesting.

Then, weeks later, we were in the van backing out of a parking space.  Another car was waiting for our spot.  Sweets said, "HEY!  That lady looks like me because she has blond hair."  PAUSE.....  "I wonder if she has diabetes, too.  You know... like those people I met in Washington."

I was surprised.

And pleased.

She connected with them.  In a way I have never see her express about other kids before.  About anyone, really.

I like that she feels this sense of "same" with them... This sense of community.

She needs that.  And she's going to need it in the future.

So, to all the adult PWD's out there (and not just the ones that we met).... THANK YOU!

You give my child a priceless gift.  You give her something that I can not. 

No matter how much I try, I can only do so much.  I can only be so much.

I can show her how to live life, how to be kind and compassionate... How to work hard... How to be determined and never give up... how to trust in God... How to fight for what she believes in... How to love and so much more... 

But I can't show her - by example - how live her life with diabetes along for the ride. 

She needs role models.  She needs people to look up to who are LIVING life with diabetes.  Who are living well.  Who are succeeding.  Who are living their dreams. 

And that, my wonderful friends living each and ever day with Type 1, is where you come in.  

Thank you for being brave enough to share your journeys with us.
Thank you for accepting us into this world.
Thank you for lifting us up.
Thank you for being you!



  1. how sweet is she??!! i love this! what a great reaction she had.
    i'm glad to be in 'the diabetes club' with her. ;)

  2. What a sweetheart. Sweets, you rock. We're part of the fun club with cool little toys and good friends - that's all there is to it! It was so much fun meeting you and your mom and dad. Thanks for sharing this awesomeness, Hallie.

  3. Sweets is quite the role model for us grownups as well!
    That girl had me LOLing and learning all types of fantastical things about princesses and music, and diabetes, and what Sweets wants to be when she grows up, etc!!
    And honestly, I can't wait to see Sweets and her awesome mommy & daddy again in real life!!
    Kelly K

  4. Yes, a huge thank you, indeed!
    Love that Sweets has that connection. It's so important to feel that same.
    Hoping for opportunities like that for Bean!

  5. ahhh! This is so amazing! She is such an amazing girl. Thank you for sharing her story and making me feel less alone too :)

  6. Love, Love, Love me some PWDs. They have brought me much piece of mind. I have more "hope" now than I did a year or so ago...prior to reading their blogs and getting to know their stories. It has helped tremendously. So glad that Sweets has this connection with them.

  7. What a beautiful post this is - I really am crying as I read it. I'm so so glad Sweets got a chance to meet those awesome bloggers and advocates. And I know she taught them a thing or too as well!

    I'd like to thank you - and all of the other parent bloggers - because you give me a better understanding of the things my own parents felt but didn't necessarily share with me.


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