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Diabetes is Like Skipping in Flip Flops

Monday, June 27, 2011

Diabetes is a lot like spray insulation.

And it's also a lot like skipping in flip flops.

That thought just entered my head the other day as I was watching Sweets skip along in her new flops. Her FIRST pair if honest to goodness flip flops.

She spotted these flops with their pink glitter straps and Mickey bottoms and just HAD to have them. Never mind the fact that she had never had a pair before and didn't really know how to walk in them.

They were a little big. Her skinny little feet have trouble staying in flops. But these were the best fit we'd found. She's been dying for a pair ever since she went to school with me one day and one of the girls in my class who she took to like glue had a pair. Big kids - KINDERGARTENERS - wear flip flops. So she will, too.

Of course, there was a pair with a strap around the heel. But she wanted nothing to do with those. THEY did not make the desired "flop" sound when you walk.

So, off she went in her new shoes. Determined to learn how to walk. And when she sets her mind to something- just wait.

As I watched her skip along the oher day, I couldnt help but relate it to life with diabetes.

It takes some getting used to. But with determination, you can be successful.

It might be a little more dangerous... Make you more vulnerable...

You may take the occasional spill and get scraped up.

Stubbed toes happen.

But they are so pretty. And comfy.

And you learn that you just can't let the "what if's" keep you from happily skipping along!



  1. Bean is dying to pull out the flip flops we bought last summer that were too big! They have straps, though...Bean feet are so tiny that they don't make 'real' ones in her size! :)

  2. Great analogy!

    And I can totally relate to Sweetpea...who could possibly pass up a cute pair of flip flops :)

  3. geez, I find walking in flip flops hard nevermind skipping! way to go! and the analogy is totally fitting.

  4. We *heart* flip flops! and you are so trips you up just when you think you have got the hang of it! : )

  5. :) Love.

    I am a total "flip flop" girl...and a "boot" girl (in the winter).

  6. Love the analogy! My Emma is a total flip flop girl too...actually she is well on her way to be a shoe fanatic in general...:o) I like to tease her and ask her which one is her "flip" and which one is her "flop"

  7. Love this! Great analogy, and SOOOOOO cute flip-flops :) Isabel has a pink pair too but they don't have glittery straps - I must look out for some like that, she will LOVE them!

  8. So true. And Oooh! You KNOW that I have some total SHOE girls in this house who would love those sparkly flip flops!


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