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Diabetes is Like Spray Insulation

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Diabetes is like spray insulation.

Not that I know a lot about spray insulation. I just know what I see from watching HGTV. It's kinda cool. You spray it and it puffs up to fill the space.

That's what diabetes does to my brain.

It puffs up and fills my brain so that I can think of nothing else.

Like the other day...

Sweets and I had been at the pool swimming. We came home and needed to get cleaned up. The smell of suntan lotion and chlorine was thick on our skin.

We take off our wet suits and put everything into the dryer in the laundry room. Then we wrap up in warm towels because the cool of our air conditioned house chills a wet body.

I headed upstairs to get in the shower. Sweets said she wanted to stay downstairs and relax on the couch until I was through. I put her insulin pump and Dexie pouch back on her and hooked her back up. A quick bg test showed her to be at 170. Not too bad after being unhooked for almost 2 hours.

I threw a pair of jammies over the railing so she had some clothes and got in the shower.

Now, this was a little luxury for me! It's rare when I am able to get in the shower and not have to rush. So I did not rush. And it was soooo nice.


Spray Insulation

It waited to invade my brain until my hair was fulled soaped up. The little thought. 170. I hooked her back up and gave her some missed basal. What if.... And the spray insulation started to puff...

What if the activity at the pool kicks in and she starts to drop? What if she drops fast? What if she doesn't come up and tell me that Dex beeped? What if Dex isn't working - that sometimes happens right after swimming? She's alone down there. It's just me and her. J isn't due home from work for awhile...

So now my nice, relaxing, peaceful shower had turned into a frantic rush to get the soap out of my hair so I could check on her. I hop out of the shower, water flying everywhere. I throw a towel around me and drip through the hallway to the overlook...

Looking at the couch all I see is pillows. No Sweetpea.

I look over a little further...

And this is what I see...

Sweetpea. Sitting in front of the TV watching Berenstain Bears. Dressed ONLY in her insulin pump pouch. NOTHING else. Except for her rain boots. And her umbrella.

"Hey!" I said. "What are you doing?"

"Hi Mommy! I'm watching tv."

Ummm... yes, I can see that. I'm referring to WHY you have on rain boots and your umbrella is up in the house. And why you're still naked...

"What's with the umbrella?" I ask.

"It's helping my hair dry faster." she says. Complete with her dramatic hand motions to explain the drying of her hair.

"Oh.... Ok. What's Dex say?" I decide I'm not touching whole naked in boots thing.

"It says.... 2 - 1 - 4. With one arrow going sideways up."

Hmmm... guess activity didn't kick in. Good thing I added that missed basal. Hope THAT kicks in soon.

"Ok... I'm going to finish getting ready. Come up or yell if you need me." I say.

"Ok. Yeah, you should do that. You're getting everything wet."

And just like that the insulation is deflated. It's no longer puffing up my brain.

Now I'm just smiling and laughing to myself at the silly little girl downstairs in her rain boots and umbrella.



  1. Oh Hallie, I LOVE this! You're right about the insulation, and so right about how suddenly it can de-puff (is there such a word?) But most of all I love the image of Sweets in her pump pack, boots and with her umbrella, 'drying' her hair....I can so see it, because this is EXACTLY what Isabel would have done!!! I now have this wonderful image in my head of the two of them sitting there together in pump packs and boots and 'drying' their hair with umbrellas....I'm in pieces here!!!! We have to get these girls together one day. They are two of a kind :)

  2. what a perfect analogy! I had to giggle over the naked/rain boot/umbrella thing too...lolol...I woke up to my 7 yr old daughter sitting on the couch reading, wearing nothing but her pump, and singing "this is one fine day to be nude!" the other day...lolol...goofy girls!

  3. That is hilarious! Well, not the worrying about the insulin kicking in part, but you know what I mean. D can definitely infiltrate your thoughts--it's good to be aware, but sometimes it's hard to shut off those thoughts so you can just relax and not worry.

  4. Those what ifs are constantly puffing up my brain too!

    Between my swelly brain, and your puffy brain we make quite a team!

  5. HAHAH She is so cute! I love this! Great analogy too! It's so true...

  6. I love this! And I love how we compare everything to diabetes. Just last week I posted on how diabetes care is like bacon. :)

  7. Bummer that your shower was interrupted by that pesky puffy insulation!!
    And I love how little girls can make an 'outfit' out of anything...or nothing!! ;)

  8. Like, like, like! LOL

  9. Too cute! Gotta love the logic of little girls...

  10. Oh, Hallie, we have those boots! ; ) And it does invade everything.

  11. ha, this post cracks me up - the umbrella and boots, not your rushed shower (that's just cruel, because mama's never get a nice long hot shower!) Glad she was okay and you guys had a nice time at the pool, what a treat :)

  12. oh my gosh. yesterday the kids ate a bowl of cereal for snack when we got home and I got in the shower. Same thing... shampoo in the hair and all of a sudden I have to grab a towel and run out "Did you bolus for that?!" feeling (looking) like a total freak.
    "Oops, I'll do it now"
    ... calm again, can go rinse my hair.

  13. Great comparison.It is good to be having the sense of humor alive at all stages of life.helps make light of the problems that are huge.


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