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School's Out for Summer

Friday, June 3, 2011

The last day of school.... Wow! Well, for me, anyway....

Actually, Sweetpea's last day of school was two weeks ago! There was a lot to do leading up to the BIG DAY!

First, was the Preschool Spring Concert! Sweets loves singing and performing so she was all set for her show!

Sweets with some if her favorite friends!

Sweetpea and R... Can't you just FEEL the love between these two!?! The just adore each other!

Then it was WATER DAY! They got to play in the water, blow bubbles, mess with shaving cream.... Fun stuff!

In case you are wondering, Dex was put in a plastic bag and then put back in her pouch. I knew she wouldn't be getting soaked and those precautions along with the smock would keep Dex safe and sound! No water day for him!!

And then... It was the official last day of Preschool! Of course, we celebrated with a cake! This was actually Sweetpea's idea! She was so excited to officially be in kindergarten and she was so proud of herself! She thought it was an occasion that should be celebrated... And how else should you celebrate but with cake?!?

I thought it sounded like a wonderful idea!

This made me think of Kelly's post yesterday on Meri's blog, Our Diabetic Life.

Kelly wrote this, "Your children appreciate the smallest moments of gladitude and never miss an opportunity to celebrate one of life's victories".

That is sooooo true! She really does! And I think that is a wonderful quality. In fact, I think we do that more as a family since diagnosis. We celebrate the victories. The good days. The fun times. Because we know - now more than ever - that life is fragile. The good days don't last (but neither do the bad...). And so we embrace this life and celebrate whenever we can!

Like when your "baby" graduates from preschool to kindergarten!

And when diabetes really had nothing to do with it!



  1. Congrats to your beautiful, blue-eyed kindergartener!

    We, too, celebrate...just because we can! :)

  2. A reason to celebrate indeed!
    She is just the most precious thing!!

  3. This is so true! It is so important to celebrate all the victories. I LOVE the cake! It's so beautiful and so is she :)

  4. Enjoy your summer together!! We are in school until June24th. We are looking forward to summer around here.

  5. Looks like she had an awesome day, and Hooray, Summer!
    I love that cake-it's so cute! : )
    Congrats, Sweetpea!!

  6. Hallie, your sweets is precious! And yes, everyday is a reason to celebrate! Dropping my sweet one at Camp Adam Fisher in the morning and while I look forward to a break from diabetes, I will miss her madly.

  7. What a wonderful end-of-the-year celebration. Give "Sweets" a fist bump from Joe for a job well done.

  8. Absolutely reason to celebrate...a milestone indeed! And what a smart girl to suggest a celebration with cake...hope she enjoyed every morsel :) Congrats to Sweetpea!!!


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