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Guest Blogger: Meri from Our Diabetic Life

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Today I have a Guest Blogger!  And it's one of my all time FAVORITE bloggers, too!  It's Meri from Our Diabetic Life!  

When I read Meri's post, I wondered if she had been reading my mind.  Because although some of the details are different, this is a post I could have written myself.  And I have a feeling that Meri and I are not alone in this struggle!  

Read for yourself... then go tell Meri HI over at her blogging home!  

Thanks, Meri!  Not just for posting today but for having the courage to talk about something that I struggle with every day!


My "F" word.

I have a love/hate relationship with my "F" word.

Let's face it, my love for food rivals any tweens obsession for Justin Bieber.

I'm a groupie if ever there was one....and food has returned the favor in kind by always being there for me, in the good times, and especially in the hard times.

I married my husband at the tender age of 20, and in the last 18 years we have had 4 beautiful boys, three type 1 diagnoses, 1 cancer diagnosis, and a myriad of extended family health scares. Surely all this is enough stress to put any reasonable person in an insane asylum.

Here in California, there is a cozy little asylum just up the hill from us in the Napa Valley. I always threaten the boys that they'll have to drop me off there one day...

But I've stayed out of the strait jacket, (and as sick as it sounds) I think food had a little bit to do with that.

It has been my comforter for so long.

I met my husband as a teenager, working in his bakery. Not long after we married, his father had a stroke, so my husband and his sister took over the entire operation on their own. Everyone thinks owning a bakery sounds so glamorous. Well, 15 hour days that begin at 1 am and end at 3pm makes the glamour dim a bit.

All the babies, all these diagnoses, all the long nights...I was on my own a lot of the time. I was a walking zombie for so many years, and I remember the days vividly when I couldn't wait for everyone to go to bed at 8...including my I could sit on the couch, and eat.

It was my release. I didn't have a minute to myself...I couldn't snack in front of the boys, because then they would want to eat too...and exercise was a joke...who am I kidding, I never WANTED to exercise...and let's not forget that my husband was a BAKER...a DANG GOOD baker at that...

It's a miracle I don't weigh half a ton as it is.

But here we and the "F" word, years later, and things are not the same.

We closed the bakery and now my snacks and I don't have the romantic time we used to. Now, I spend that time with my husband.

Food and I are kinda in an awkward stage of our relationship. I just don't know how I feel about it anymore.
The satisfaction I used to get, is gone.

...It's not the's me.

And I'm feeling like that's a good thing.

Breaking it off from the junk is bitter/sweet...but I'm ready for a healthier relationship.

The stresses of babydom and new diagnosis has waned...and as I start seeing everything in a different light, I'm feeling ready to make a change.

I am well aware that destructive relationships aren't always easy to get out of. Food has a grip on me. Turning off the impulses I've nurtured for so many years, won't be easy.

Turning away from what I thought was my best friend?? Man, I'm hoping I am strong enough.

The bottom line is I can't hide my addictive tendencies anymore. The boys are picking up on my side snacking, and they want in.

A healthy family starts with a healthy mother. I really believe that.

I think that will be my motivator.

It is time.

Maybe I'll take out a personal ad: Married White Female, looking for a healthier realtionship...with food.

Gotta start somewhere, right?



  1. I get to write it over here!!!

    MERI = MY HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Meri, your transparency on this issue will hit a chord with so many of us. Food is easy to turn to in times of stress. It is comforting. It doesn't talk back. It is "easygoing"...except on the waistline.

    I am excited to follow your adventure in modifying your relationship with food.


  2. It's like you are reading my mind!
    I have issues, too, that I need to get a handle on and soon. No more starting and stopping...needs to be a real commitment and a real change!
    Thanks, Meri, for your always hit the nail on the head!!

  3. Meri--I love you! I love you! I love you! Oh my word, I can sooooooo identify with every word you wrote.

    I want to change my reationship with food too. It's really not a good best friend. It makes me feel bad and look bad. And the yummy stuff is always expensive.

    Three cheers for Meri! I love you!

  4. Hi Meri,
    Since my son's diabetes diagnosis, I'm finding that food has become my favorite friend. I completely believe your strong statement, "A healthy family starts with a healthy mother." You are soooo right!!!

    Here's to us getting healthier for us and our families!!!

  5. Spot on Meri! Your struggles are my struggles too. Thanks for putting it into words.
    Hallie, thanks for having Meri!

  6. Thanks so much for having me over Hallie!

    This post has been a long time coming. I don't know why it was easier to write it for your blog, and not mine. Some mental block in my swelly brain I suppose.

    Love ya!

  7. Trying to catch up. Awesome post!! Booooy do I understand. Thank for your honest Meri!


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