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Are YOU part of the Cure?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

NaBloPoMo - Day 11 

**  Don't forget... come back here at NOON TOMORROW for a very important announcement! **

When I first saw this on Facebook, I knew we HAD to do it!

I want to be a part of the CURE! 

Who doesn't right?  Well, here's your chance!

You can LITERALLY be part of the CURE! 

All you have to do is click here: 
Be Part of the CURE!

Then upload a pic and make a donation in any amount.  Pretty simple, no?

The Diabetes Research Institute is working hard to make a CURE a REALITY!  Exciting stuff!

I think it's pretty awesome to look and see so many people invested in eradicating diabetes!

If you're looking for us - here's the pic I submitted.

We are on the R - at the bottom of the straight side.

I debated whether to put a pic of just Sweetpea or of all of us.  Finally, I decided to go with the family picture.


Because we are ALL part of the cure.  We ALL are working to find a cure.  We ALL wish diabetes would just go away.  It affects ALL of us.  

And... we are ALL in this together. 


  1. Cute pic! I love going to that site and trying to see pictures of people I "know". I need to get off my butt and submit a photo.

  2. I tried to do this but it wouldn't take my credit card....I think it has a problem with non-US cards :( I love your family pic - it's gorgeous!

  3. Hah! I just tried again and it worked :)

  4. Such a great idea!

    Love the new blog signature, btw!

  5. Hallie, I love that photo of your family! Joe is in the "U".

  6. I love this! And that is seriously the cutest picture ever!


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