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The Wee Small Hours

Thursday, November 4, 2010

NaBloPoMo - Day 4

In the wee small hours of the morning....

We saw wee small blood sugar readings.

Not one. Not two. Not even three.


And it continued into the morning.

Thank Goodness I decided to keep her home. Due to lack of sleep on my part and distrust that her bg would not drop, I thought it best to hang out here today.

Good thing...

Sweetpea was hungry when she got up this morning. Her bg was still hovering at 100. So, I decided that we would go get donuts!

Sweetpea LOVES donuts. But it's a rare and special treat.

What better day to have donuts than when your bg is low?

So... off we went! Sweetpea yummied down a few donut holes.

I bolused... AFTER eating. And I gave her 10 free grams - just to be safe.

A mere 45 minutes later...



"She's high.", I think to myself.

Uh... no.

She's 54!


She just ate 5 donut holes. She didnt get the full amount of insulin. The insulin hasn't even peaked yet. She has .85 u IOB. That's a lot for her.


"How about some oj?" I ask.

Sweetpea is all smiles! She has been wanting oj.

I decide to give her all 25g in the carton. Screw you, D.

"This is too sour. I'm not drinking it."

Ok. My mind starts racing.

Temp basal decrease. Got it. But I need more....

No more juice. Juice isn't working. What else do I have...?

I start running around the kitchen like an addict looking for my next hit.


Starburst! She got a few Starburst for Halloween.

I grab them, quickly unwrap and toss them to a Sweetpea with big eyes and a bigger smile.

Smarties! We have TONS of those. Again I unwrap and shove them at her.

Now, you'd think that after a night like that and low like that, she would be feeling it.

Nope. Not my girl.

"DONE! I want to go bounce on the trampoline!"

Ummmm...... NO! NO BOUNCING. Can we just please do a quiet activity?

The candy stash did the trick and she slowly climbed the rest of the day.

I have no idea what's going on.

Activity? Maybe. Time for a basal change? Maybe? Getting sick? I hope not.

I sit here typing away, feeling like I've been beat up. I have. D beat the snot out of me last night and today. My eyelids feel like cinder blocks. My head feels stuffed with cotton. My body aches. I'm too old for this all nighter crap.

Sweetpea? Well.... that's the saving grace. Sweetpea is fine. She's happy. She's running around. She's laughing and playing.

And I am so thankful.

D can beat me up. It can kick my arse. It can give me all it's got. But not her. Leave her alone.

Let her be the smiling, happy, energetic child that she is. Even when her bg is 54.

Take me. You can't have her.

* adding on to this post... this evening Sweetpea was sliding down a "slide" made of pillows... without pants on.... and ripped out her site.  It's probably better if you just don't ask about the no pants thing.  She has never had this happen before so she was upset.  Then she FREAKED OUT about having to change her site while awake.  It's now 11 pm.  I'm FINALLY ready to head to bed and end this day from Hell when J checks the pump and it says "Occlusion Detected".  What is that?  She was 423 at bedtime.  I corrected.  Now she's higher.  And here I sit trying to figure out what to do about an occlusion.  I'm telling you, I may seriously lose my mind.  Dear Lord - Puh- Lease!  We need a cure! STAT!


  1. Oh Hallie we have been there. It all sucks and is not easy. Glad to heat atleast Sweetpeas spirits were up! Good job in keeping her happy thats not easy when D gives us days like this. (((((big hugs))))) hope tomorrows better!

  2. ((hugs)) What a crazy day! Praying for a better tomorrow...

  3. Oh man...that sounds like a rough night -> day -> night Hallie. I hope things chilled out for you the rest of last night and that Sweetpea's numbers cooperated.

    Love you...

  4. Ugh... I hope today is better for both of you. Sending you HUGS!

  5. Man..sounds like a rough night! I hate it when D beats the snot out of me!
    Hope you have a better day today..

  6. I've had days like that here too. I am praying today is better for you. ((Hugs)))

  7. Wow! My heart goes out to you both and I hope today is better. I don't know that I would have handled it as well as you. Hang in there and give D what's coming to it!

  8. Holey Moley!! I hope its better day... (((HUGS)))

  9. Sweatpea and Ellie are on the same damn train. Ellie over 500 for hours and hours yesterday...really pissing me off and my poor mother had to deal with it while I was at work...70 phone calls later and me finally just leaving work and releaving my mother of the responsibility for the day...the lows began...we are sitting here with the dexcom not working (???) at 134 less than an hour after dinner...a big dinner...I'm trying to prepare for a long ol' night myself!!! Hope it turns around for both of our girls tonight!!! ((hugs)) Yep, just had dexter turn on LOW!!! Ugh!

  10. LLLLOOOOVVVVEEEEEEEEE your awesome signature.


    That's all I can say after a night/day/night like this.


  11. Oh my heck Hallie! That is the saddest post ever! Stop the madness!!!

    I hope things settle soon. L is beginning to need less insulin lately too. What is going on?? I'm assuming he just ended a growth spurt, but honestly...who the heck knows!

  12. How did I miss this post?? and I really just hope everything has turned around for you and sweet pea!! Cara is ALL over the place right now two, I really don't know what is going on with these numbers :( Hope you have a wonderful sleep tonight!!


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