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Santa - the D Sibling

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Today is Special Sibling of a D Kid Day!

If you ask Sweetpea, she'll tell you all about her brothers and sisters.  It varies day to day - who they are, how old they are, what their names are.  

But she has no brothers or sisters to tell you about!  She just has a very vivid imagination!

Are we having more kids?  I get asked this all the time.

The answer is.... No.  Not unless God has a different plan for us and goes to great lengths to make it happen!

Why?  Well.... It's a myriad of reasons, really.  

J never wanted more kids.  Which is funny, because HE's the one with siblings.  I'M the only child.  I wanted another one... I was kinda sure.  Kinda.

We hadn't made a complete decision (at least I hadn't) when Diabetes entered our lives.  

Did Diabetes make the decision for us?

Kinda.  We were leaning that way anyway - just having one.  D just sealed the deal.  

Is it because I worry about another child having D?  Well.... maybe a little.  But it's not just that.  J has some serious issues with his eyes that are hereditary.  We worried a lot about that with Sweetpea.  We worry about taking that risk again with another child.  Then you add in the worry about diabetes.  And the worry I have that having another child would just put me over the edge.... dealing with a newborn and diabetes???  Joanne over at Death of a Pancreas is doing it... and I'm SO incredibly happy for her and thinks she's a superhero for doing it!  It's just not for me.  I worry that I wouldn't be able handle it.  I worry that I would either neglect the baby or diabetes.  

Do I judge others for having more kids?  ABSOLUTELY NOT.  It's just not the decision we choose to make. 

Do I feel like D is keeping us from having more children or taking away a dream?  No.  Not at all.  If we REALLY wanted another child, we'd have one.  

But... We like our family the way it is.  Small.  It suits us.  It's easy for us to travel and just pick up and go places and do things.  It works for us.  

So since I can't share a picture of sibling with you... I'll share a picture of Santa!

As has become our tradition, we go to the mall to visit Santa on the day after Thanksgiving!

This is a perfect day!  J is working so Sweetpea and I have to find something to do.  She LOVES all the excitement of the holiday shopping day.  She wants to be involved.  Staying up all night isn't an option, so we get up and get dressed and head to the mall.

It's a great day for Santa pics because there are very few children at the mall!  The line is non existent!  

Sweetpea was so excited to see Santa!  She told him she'd like a play kitchen and a necklace!

I thought the pics turned out very nicely!

Ho! Ho!  Ho!


  1. Such a cute picture... Sweetpea is so photogenic! And thanks for the shout out. Super hero? Probably not. Crazy? Most likely!

    I always knew I wanted more kids. After D, I wasn't so sure, but our endo said to us, "don't ever let diabetes stop you from living the life you want." That resonated with me, because I was 100% sure I wanted more, and I didn't want to look back and regret not doing it.

    And yes, I'd even be open to having one more. Proof that I am, indeed, out of my mind!

  2. I love this post. I always wanted more kids. And clearly we arent financially able but even more so with D in our lives i just dont think i could. It takes so much attention from Synsyre how could i do it. I agree Joanne is indeed a superhero. Love the santa pic !

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  7. the pic of SweatPea and her "SIB". Great post explaining your decision Hallie. It was insightful for sure. Love you.

  8. Having another kid has been a touchy one for me the last couple years. D has made a BIG impact in my decision to (not) have more kids, but it isn't the soul reason. It is something so personal, thank you for sharing your heart.

    I just LOVE the picture with SweetPea and Santa. So sweet!

  9. ONE IS FUN!!! Thats what I always say. I think God was being funny when he decided I needed another one :) Not that I would change it now.

    I love the heart in the blue circle btw!

  10. Sweetpea is SO SO SO cute - I know I tell you that all of the time but she is SO SUPER CUTE!!

    I love her sweet imagination!! So cute!!

    Love what Lora said - One is Fun!

  11. She's getting so big, my friend!!!! She's absolutely beautiful and I love your little family!

  12. Sweetpea is SOOO cute! Do you even have a not absolutely adorable picture of her?
    There are many times that I think an only child would be sooooo nice. Being able to give them the attention they deserve, not having to deal with sibling rivalry. And other times I think the more the merrier. Right now, I am happy with what I've got...3 wild crazy boys!

  13. For the record, I totally see why you have come to your decision. Your baby is a blessing, and your family is complete.

    But, also for the would have nothing to worry about. If you decided one day to have more, you would excel at it as you have everything else, sweet amazing Hallie!

  14. How funny that I read this post AFTER your post earlier today, and messaged you! I think you don't need to justify your decision not to have another baby. It's entirely your decision and J's! And it's the right decision for you, for a number of very good reasons. Meri's right though - if you did have another baby, you would do an amazing job!

    I do want to, and I do worry sometimes about D, but we knew it was a risk before we went ahead with having a family anyway, with Bob being T1. I actually always wanted 4 kids but am now limited to 3, I'm told (having had 2 c-sections and a big complication when Isabel was delivered). So we'll try for amother but if it doesn't happen, that's fine - we have our 2 perfect, amazing little ones!

    I have a friend who has a 4-year-old girl (one of Isabel's best friends) and she had 4 miscarriages before having Charlotte, then 3 miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy after Charlotte. So they went for IVF.....and are now having TRIPLETS!!!!! Due any time now....scary! I know I'm going to get broody.... :)

    Love the pic of Sweetpea with Santa :) She looks so happy! Adorable!

  15. I'm pretty sure we wouldn't have had Jack if we had known that D was coming into our lives. But Jack was 4 months old when Ellie was diagnosed. Of course now I am thankful that we had him first, but I will admit that it was very tough when we both realized that poor little Jack was sitting in a swing for about 6 weeks after Ellie was diagnosed waiting for someone to notice he was there!? Poor little guy! Once we got our heads on however, he was overly lavished with love and all is even now! Thank you for sharing! Your family is complete, don't ever doubt it! ((hugs))


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