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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

NaBloPoMo - Day 10


I have a new love in my life.  Yes, it's true.  And it's not going away anytime soon....

It's SIRIUS satellite radio.  It came free with the new van.  And I LOVE it!

I especially love THE MESSAGE - the contemporary Christian in music channel. 

This is odd.... because I never really liked contemporary Christian music.  I DO NOT like K-Love, which is the only one I've ever known.  I have always preferred Praise music.... Like Chris Tomlin.  I'd be a groupie of his and follow him around the country if I could. 

So it's odd that I not only listen to this channel but listen to it almost exclusively. 

The other day, this song came on the radio.  And I fell in love with it. 

You've got to watch this video.  I hadn't seen it until I went looking for it for this blog.  It's pretty powerful - especially the end!  Pause the playlist and take a listen....

You know what came to mind as I listened to this song?

Sweetpea.  And diabetes.

I wanted to sing this song to her.... to let her know that she is MORE THAN DIABETES.

Sometimes I wonder what all my blogging and advocating and fundraising, and working does to her.  How it makes her feel.  Does it make her feel special?  Loved?  Important?  Cared for?

Or does it make her feel like she's nothing more than a disease?  A burden?  A problem?  A hassle?

Diabetes is tough.  Some days are REALLY tough.  And I don't want her to ever feel like my frustration at this disease is frustration at her.  I never want her to feel like she's just a disease.  A cause.

When I first started blogging, I wrote a post about the different opinions.  Whether someone is a "person with diabetes" or a "diabetic".  I said I'd use both and this is why....

Sweetpea is....
but slow to warm up
a real "ham"
a great puzzle worker
cute as a button
like an elephant - she never forgets anything
able to read (if you ask my Mom)
strong willed
a ballerina
one tough cookie
and diabetic

(To read the entire post, click HERE.)

To my Sweetpea...

I want you to know...  You are more than this disease.  You are my sweet, darling child.  And you are also a child of God.  A God who loves you.  A God who will never leave you or forsake you.  A God who sees you for who you truly are.  A God who will one day heal you and make your body eternally perfect.

You are perfect.  Right now.  Broken pancreas or not.  You are more.  You are mine.  And I will love you forever.


  1. Oh Hallie, this is a lovely post. And that is just amazing how you have described Isabel TO A TEE!!!! Every word you have used about Sweetpea is just exactly right for Isabel too!!!! How awesome is that!!!! And you said it all - I also want Isabel to know that she is more than just diabetic. Thank you for expressing this so well!

    (We have to get these girls together, at some point!)

  2. Hallie, I have frequently worried about the same thing with Joe. I think I even wrote about it a few days the "Santa" post. I never want him to see my writing, educating, advocating, and fundraising as saying "something is wrong with you...or we need to fix you...or you are less than perfect"...

    It is hard to know how all of our actions make them feel. I am almost a little careful to not say too much...and I have definitely let him know that he is 100% A.O.K. in my book!!!

    Love to SweetPea on this beautiful day!!!

  3. Hallie ....YOU are wonderful, darling girl. The "Princess" will be a wonderful young woman someday ...thanks to you! I wish I had had YOUR wisdom when I was your age! I truly love YOU, Queen Mum! XXOO

  4. What a wonderful post! So touching! Your princess is lucky to have such an awesome mom!

    You rock! :)

  5. Beautiful. Our kids are so much more. I worry about the same thing with Lovebug. Our girls are a lot a like. (except for the ballerina thing, that isn't Lovebug so much, although I wish it was!)I can't wait until they meet someday, hopefully soon!

  6. Such good points! I don't ever want Ally to think that she is a burden or a hassle either. Sometimes it is hard to figure out what their perception of things is. I KNOW that you make Sweet Pea feel sooo loved and I am sure that she KNOWS that she is so much more than this stupid disease!!!!


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