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The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad.... Week

Monday, November 22, 2010

(You didn't think I was going to make it, did you?  Well, I'm eeeking in with a post in the nick of time!  After reading this, you'll be amazed!)

Have you ever read Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by Judith Viorst?  If you have not, this might not make sense to you.  And if you have not, you should!  It's one of my favorite classic children's books!  

How cool is this?  I found the book - read by the author - on YouTube!  Check it out! (Pause the Playlist first....)

So anyway.... I feel like Alexander.  Except it's not been just a day.  It's been more like a week! 

As you may know, life at the castle has been a bit.... CrAzY lately.  Let's recap....

Sunday we spent the day in the ER due to ANOTHER bad site which resulted in ketones and vomiting. 

Monday I had Parent Teacher conferences all day - after being up practically all night checking on Sweetpea. 

Wednesday we went to the hospital for an appointment with the CDE to hopefully figure out what to do about all these bad sites.  Sweetpea worried about this ALL. DAY. LONG.  She was in tears by the time we had to leave for the hospital.  She can get herself all worked up into quite a state.  She was soooo worried that we were going to have to do a site change there or they were going to do things to her.  They did not.  Thank Goodness!  Then we went to a JDRF fundraiser at Chick-fil-A where we got to meet Kelly and Brianna! 

Thursday we were having issues with high blood sugar.  It took two corrections over night to get her under 200 by morning.  On the way out the door, the pump beeps.  Low Cartridge alert.  WHAT?  This has NEVER happened to us before.  Must be all those temp basals we were doing to keep her numbers in check.  So..... what to do.  We have to leave for work.  I have a meeting.  I throw all the supplies in a bag and leave.  We were only a few minutes late.  But then I had to pull everything out and fill a cartridge and replace it during the meeting.  Everyone else is talking about curriculum and I'm filling an insulin cartridge.  Boy, that was one of those "smack you in the face, boy, life sure is different now" moments.  And I felt SO UNPROFESSIONAL.  But what choice did I have?  My kid needs insulin.  Or she DIES.   So I feel like a lousy teacher because I'm filling a cartridge and I feel like a lousy D Mama because the cartridge was low in the first place I didn't handle it before work.  Remember that guilt post???

Once she ate breakfast, she went up, up, up.  Of course, we are worried that something is wrong with the site.  I ran down to her class every time I could to see if she was coming down.  By 11:30, she was still around 350.  So....  J came home from work and I gave her another correction.  She finally came down and was ok for awhile... then she spiked again after dinner.

On the way home, I'm noticing that I feel horrid.  A day in the ER can do that to you... on top of no sleep and major stress about bg and work and you name it.  The black circles under my eyes were throbbing.  My head was pounding.  Hmmm.....  My throat kinda hurts.

And then the lightbulb goes off!  STREP!  We have strep.  I just know it....

Friday we spent the day at the doctor.  Sweetpea was NOT excited about yet another visit to the doctor.  Sure enough, her strep test was positive.  "You guys are good!"  her doctor said.  I can't believe it didn't occur to me earlier.  That afternoon I went to the doctor.  My test was positive as well.  Yipee!  For some reason, Sweetpea was running around acting totally fine.  I, however, felt like I had been run over by a truck.

Saturday was spent sleeping.  As least it was for me.  Being the wonderful husband that he is, J took care of Sweetpea for me.  We had planned on going to a holiday festival that Sweetpea had been looking forward to ALL YEAR LONG.  But I just couldn't do it.  We told her that Mommy just didn't have enough energy and that we'd go Sunday.  "I have energy!"  she said.  "Because I get lots and lots of sleep at night!"  Ummmm..... yeah. You do.  Don't rub it in!

Also on Saturday, the kitten was accidentally locked in our bedroom while I was asleep on the couch and J and Sweetpea went out.  And he peed all over the quilt.  Then, we found our that J's Grandfather had passed away.  He was 91 years old.

Sunday was better....  We put up our Christmas tree and decorations!  Sweetpea LOVED this!  We also made it to the festival and rode the horse and carriage rides that she had her heart set on.  To make it even better, the weather was a balmy 65 degrees! 

Today....  Work was crazy, as usual.  Being out for a day before a holiday in never a good idea.  We're celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow with a feast.  I usually dress up like an Indian and the kids wear Pilgrim hats that we make.  It's fun.  But a lot of work!  Lot of catching up to do....  You know, painting hands to look like turkeys, making placemats, and all that good stuff.

Sweetpea's blood sugars are doing ok today.  I thought we were in the clear... Until...

I have a flat tire.  A NON FIXABLE flat tire. CRAP ON A STICK!

So there I was at school, waiting on AAA.

And Sweetpea was crashing, of course.  

A very nice man came to the rescue and put on my spare.  I drove over to the mechanic and he's going to have a tire for me tomorrow.  Great.

Then we go to dinner.  I decide, "Let's go somewhere special!  Just the two of us."  So we went to PF Changs.   A place I LOVE and J hates.  Sweetpea hated it, too.  She loved the chopsticks but thought the food was "gross".  Great.

So we stop and pick up something else for her on the way home.  Because we have no food in the house since we didn't have a chance to get to the store this weekend.  And I decided to stop and get a yummy Apple Cider from Starbucks.

The whole way home I was eagerly awaiting sitting down on the couch with Sweetpea, watching a Christmas movie, in front of the tree, with my yummy drink.

My cup had a hole in it.

It filled up the cup holder in the car and dripped all over my kitchen floor.  Great.

Then, after cleaning that up, I realize that I still have to do the trash.  Great.

Then the dishwasher needs emptied.  Great.

Then I have to clean the floor because it was all sticky.  Great.

Then the kitten is walking along the banister again - the one that overlooks the family room from the second floor.  The one he's fallen off of once already.  Great.

Then I have to fill a cartridge and prep her site.  And Sweetpea doesn't think I can do it without J.  Great.

And she won't sleep with the big Mr. Funky Elf of a Shelf that I got her because of "it's eyes.  It's lookin' at me and I don't like it.  Get it out of my bed."  Great!

You know, I wondered if I'd have enough material to blog every day during November.  I shouldn't have worried.  This month has been INSANE.  We've had MORE than our share of crazy stuff this month.  If this is what happens when I sign up for NaBloPoMo - Forget it!  I'm out!

Are you laughing yet?  Cuz I am!  

Maybe it's a bit maniacal laughter.  A bit on the loony side.  But I'm laughing!

I mean seriously..... a HOLE in my CUP?!?  You gotta be kidding me!

What choice do I have, really?  Laugh or cry.  I choose laugh!
I know that this is just a phase.  I know that this, too, will pass.  

It's like the surf.  Waves.  Sometimes the tide is out and life is good.  You happily float along on your innertube and soak up the sun.  You listen to the birds.  You watch the clouds float across the sky.  You smell the salt water.

But sometimes, the tide comes in.  And it ruins your sand castle.  And it keeps hitting you over and over again and knocking you down.  Messing up your plans.  Making it hard to play or laugh or do anything else but think about, worry about it.  

BUT... I've been living this life - this D life - long enough now to know... the tide will go out again.  And until it does, all I can do is keep getting back up.  And keep laughing.  No matter what rolls my way!

(This awesome analogy is not my own.  I read this analogy on Wendy's blog, Candy Hearts.  In fact, she's reposting her Waves post on Tuesday.  Click on over and check her out!  She rocks!)



  1. Holy Crap, Hallie!! You are one AWESOME mom for getting through all that without having a nervous breakdown.

    I know those days and weeks where nothing seems to go right. You get through them and move on because even though they suck, they make you stronger.

    Love ya!!!

  2. Oy! You poor thing! I'm sending you cyber-hugs right now. What a time you have had! I hope things get settled down so you and Sweetpea can mend and relax a little bit!

  3. Hallie you are amazing! Love ya! And I love the tide analogy. That really means a lot - I know the feeling! Well done for laughing at it and keeping on going :)


  4. HOLY MAC!!!!

    I think I have a Xanax around here somewhere. I need to find it, because that hole in the cup seriously put ME over the edge.

    Loving you, my friend.

    Thanks for the shout out!!!!

  5. Holy smokes... That IS a bad week. And then some. It can only go up from here, right? RIGHT?

    Sending you HUGS!

  6. Aw man! That kind of week must have super stunk for you! I'm so sorry. Especially the part about the Apple Cider.

  7. Oh my! I totally lost it when I got to the hole in your cup! I hope next week is kinder to you. :)

  8. Reminds me of "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie..."

    Glad you are choosing to laugh. Hope all smoothes out for you soon.

  9. We love that book in my house...but I'm so sorry for all you've had to endure!

    The image of the kitten on the banister made me sit up straight in my chair. That would scare the heck out of me!

    The bit about Mr. Funky Elf of a Shelf made me chuckle. Max is very particular about the way his stuffed animals rest on his bed, because he does NOT want them watching him while he sleeps. Kids are so funny.

    Here's to better days ahead!

  10. holy crapola!! What a week or few weeks you have had! Hope things just calm down from here and you all feel better soon! You rock!! Big hugs mama!

  11. Praying your week gets better! It has to, right? At least you get a 4 day weekend from work!

    Enjoy your holiday fun at school. :)

    (a hole in the cup, wow, I lost it there too!)


  12. I'm sorry about your crazy week but glad you are still laughing. You are one amazing mom! I'm praying that the rest of the year brings peace and refreshment as you stand looking at the ocean and not being knocked over by the waves. ((Hugs))

  13. Ha! I love the 'Alexander' story! And, thanks for the link for the online version.

    Now, about your story. I am sorry. So sorry.

    Is there any consolation in the fact so many of us can relate and we all got a chuckle out of it?!

    Maybe?! ((hugs))

  14. The hole in the cup is what got to me...I mean seriously Hallie...THAT SUCKS. You really are getting your shit handed to you on a platter this month girl.

    I love you guys and hope things turn around...if anyone deserves some good times right now it is you. (((HUGS)))

  15. Ok - Seriously the hole in the cup was it! Damn girl! I love that you are laughing! You are amazing!! I hope things turn around quickly!!

    Thinking of you and your beautiful SweetPea.

    Also please know that we are thinking about you and J - - - very sorry about his grandfather's passing!

  16. Hi Hallie! I definitely think you should contact Starbucks about that hole in your cup and get yourself some FREE Apple Ciders! Can't hurt to throw in some of the other icky stuff you have had to deal with and how that hole was the cherry on top of your crap pile! I am so sorry you have had to go through all this but your outlook and attitude is truly inspirational. I'll be praying that December is MUCH easier on you and you can enjoy the joy and wonder of the season!

  17. I love that story...sorry that you were LIVING it this week! And I'm gonna also say sorry, cuz you made me laugh a little!

    P.S. I also LOVE P.F.Changs and my kids don't...I'm thinking a girls' night out:)


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