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Halloween Wrap Up

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

NaBloPoMo - Day 2

Trick or Treat was Saturday night for us.  It was fun!

Sweetpea said, "This is so much more fun than I thought it was going to be! I thought it was going to be good, but this is great!"

Here we are before the big night...

Mimi and Gaga came over to our house to pass out treats while we went around the neighborhood.

I forgot to mention in my last post that we decided to give out candy this year.  Last year we gave away things like pumpkin erasers, bracelets, vampire fangs, spider bouncy balls....    I just didn't want the candy in the house.  

This year we went back to candy.  Don't really know why...  We gave out Smarties (because we can save the leftovers for lows), m&m's ( we also use these for lows.  I know it's not a fast acting sugar but if she's just a little low, m&m's work better for us.  The really sugary stuff sends her sky high.), and Reece's PB Cups (because Daddy likes those!).

We trick or treated for an hour.  Sweetpea was done and asking to go home.  

She came in and dumped her loot in the middle of the floor.  Then we sorted it.  Honestly, she didn't get a ton and there wasn't too much good stuff in what she got.

She kept the 3 kit kats, 2 packs of Smarties, a bag of chips, and a can of playdough.  She ate 2 mini tootsie rolls and a kit kat.  That's it.  

Her bg was high - but that was due to us giving her free carbs for activity.  We just can't seem to get it right.  When we don't give her extra carbs, she's low.  When we do, she's high.  Ugh.  Diabetes is just never predictable!

Sweetpea spent the last half of the night handing out candy - which she thought was every bit as fun!

So... it was a success!  She got to participate and partake.  Within reason.  She had a BLAST!  

For some unknown reason, other than the fact that D is just a big 'ol pain in the keister, she LOW... ALL. NIGHT. LONG.  Daddy was on call and he battled the lows until morning.  They went through 3 juice boxes and temp basal decrease of 20%.  Who would have thought THAT?!?
Sunday she went to Target and spent her money!  She was thrilled to get a remote control puppy!  (The cats are not so happy...)

I love Halloween!



  1. We fought lows last night too! Weird.

    The Superhero had a great time too! And really, did not care that he did not get tons of candy to eat.

  2. Add us to the LOW after Halloween list too!
    Bryce was in the 200 while tnt, ate a few treats (3 total) and we fought lows all night. All that walking really kicks his butt.

  3. We fought lows all night after the Hallowe'en party too! I put it down to the horseriding lesson earlier that afternoon and all the running around outside - we were away in Malaysia all weekend, and the weather was stunning.

    Gorgeous photos - looks like you all had such a lovely time :) Sweetpea looks SOOOOOO cute :) Love her happy smile!

  4. We had beautiful numbers :) BUT WAY TOO MUCH CANDY....and it's hanging around WAY TOO LONG....

    Step away from that Almond Joy and everyone will be alright.

  5. We had lows all night too! And more lows today. I'm wondering if the candy somehow causes a spike and then an extreme drop for some reason. Weird.

  6. Yep...lows in VT too. :( I even pre-emptively struck with a 50% decreased basal prior to and during TOTing, knowing Joe burns through sugar. UGH.

  7. What a cute puppy, and you are way too pretty to be a witch! Love the pics, glad Sweetpea had fun.

  8. I just love how much kids have fun on is such a pleasure to be part of their excitement! I know how you feel about not getting it right..D is a bugger! Sounds like Sweetpea had a blast and THAT is what counts most!

  9. I'm with Mrs Candy Hearts... we had GREAT numbers... but the candy infestation that is currently taking over our house is a problem! =)
    Glad that Sweetpea had a blast... thats what matters! =)
    Sugar Boy has a remote control train that he drives after Katy... that cat puts up with a lot!!! LOL

  10. We had lows too, had to make Ellie ride in the stroller the second half of trick or treating because I couldn't give her enough candy! Glad Sweetpea had fun though!


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